To look deep within the Soul

We all walk a Journey here on Earth, we may chose different paths, or maybe walk faster than each other, but none the less we all walk our Journey, from when we are born til the day of our last breathe.
We may get clouded along the way on our journey, we may get lost with no sense of direction, but what we always forget is, we are never lost in the eyes of God, he is always with us in our hearts and souls, we only think we are lost, when we don’t acknowledge his exsistence, within our hearts and souls.
God is always with us, no matter what we do within our lives on our Journey, when we have faith and truly believe, is when he guides us along our Journey, when we lose the faith and stop believing, is when we become clouded with no direction of where, or what we are doing.
We all have these life events or make mistakes, we are not perfect no matter what we think, but when we make mistakes we need to learn from them, so these life events won’t define us, or where we are going on our journey’s, when we stay true to self’s and truly believe that God is in our hearts and souls, we will always be guided to the right path of rightousness, on our Journey of life.
When God sent his son Jesus to us, he showed us the path of rightousness, but along the journey of time we have swayed from that path, we as Humans and our decisions of self first, have clouded our judgements, we lost the feeling of God within our hearts and souls, which has led us onto a Journey of self doubt, not just of ourselves, but from all those around us as well.
God is always with us on our Journey, all we have to do is, believe and feel him within our hearts and souls, he will never leave us, he may test us or try us, to see if we are worthy, everyday of our Journey is a test from God, showing we are worthy of him, so when the day comes of our last breathe here on Earth, we will rise up to be with him in Heaven, where life is all good in happiness, with no sign of hatred.

“Life is a Journey for all of us, while we feel God within our hearts and souls”

“To truly feel God within us, we must believe and trust in God himself”

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