The Sport’s Philosophy

Sport’s has changed a whole lot from what it used to be, it has become more of a business than anything else, the player’s don’t play for the fun anymore, as now it’s about how much the team can pay them, we all want to make a good living don’t get me wrong, but when you take the fun out of anything, you no longer have fun at what you are doing.
When you play a sport, no matter what that sport is, when you are having alot of fun at it, you excel in many ways and become a star of that sport, when you play a sport whether you have pressure of other’s around you, or your trying to make the big dollars, now your not having fun anymore, you will step on who ever you need to, to advance yourself over them.
When we grow up we play our sports within the neighborhood, around other children in that neighborhood, it starts out as pick up games amongst friends, this is where you develop a passion for the game, then it leads to playing more organized within your community and schools, still developing that passion even greater, as you make different teams and get coached by different coaches, you become better and with being better, your passion becomes even better, this passion is what drives you to become even more of a star in your sport.
Along the journey of your sports days, there will be rocky times which goes without saying, the winning becomes more important than the passion as you see it, I get the fact we all want to win, but winning isn’t everything or the end of the world, there must always be a winner and a loser, but it’s how you lose that makes you into a winner, you have to lose gracefully in order to be successful at winning.
The days of yesterday in sports, is far different then the days of today, today the coaches don’t teach you how to lose gracefully, so you can truly win later, they teach you to play for the money, instead of playing for the passion, the money is where we lose the “passion for the game”, when we play for the money, we then try harder at being better, when we try harder we make mistakes, when we make mistakes the coach than plays the other guy, cause all the coach wants to do is win, so the coach becomes clouded in his judgement and puts winning above the true teaching of the player, so they can truly become a winner together.
When you are a player and play a sport with true passion, you alot of times get overlooked and don’t get respected as the ones that play for the money, even though the passion gives you the most fun, playing a game you love, look at Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins, he was overlooked alot as he started coming up the ranks, but he was very passionate and loved what he was doing, it wasn’t til recently when he started getting the respect, now through all the passion he played with, is loved by many throughout the Hockey world and he has played the game the right way, along his journey to play the sport which his passion has made him into a winner anywhere.

“Sport’s are played with a passion with love, anything else is secondary”

” winning isn’t everything in sports, first you have to lose gracefully, before you can truly win”

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