Passion within Sports

Now that the World Cup is airing World wide, You have Soccer being showed on just about every TV worldwide, We here in America can see just how passionate other fans in other Countries are of the biggest sport within their country, some may take their passion a little to far and get way too emotional about a game, even though they don’t know anybody on the team personally, thats because of the betting on the game factor, which has ruined all sports and the true meaning of having a passion of the game.
I get having a passion for a sport, as my sport of passion is ice Hockey, I love everything of the game and miss very much playing the game, as an injury took that from me, but that don’t stop me from keeping up with everything that happens within the sport, true I may get a little to passionate especially when I watch my favorite team the Boston Bruins, but I would never cross the line, like some of these soccer fans of other countries.
When you are passionate about a game or anything in life, if done in the right context, is a natural and beautiful thing for all of us, but when you get passionate because of a gambling thing, or cross the line and hurt other’s around you, than maybe you should change the way you look at any sport, the gambling part of sports is what has ruined all sports of today, cause it forces us to look at sports for the wrong reasons.
When we look at sports for the right reasons, it brings a feeling of warmth, inspiration and unity, not just to ourselves, but to the teams of that sport and all people within our Society, the Boston Bruins of 2013 showed just how this passion is suppose to be, with the Boston Marathon bombing and how it affected the whole region, the Bruins took the region on their backs, not just the players, but the front office and what they did as an organization, they took this slogan #bostonstrong to show what it truly means, the true meaning is “unity” and together we will get through this and be stronger than ever moving forward, the team that year went to game 7 of the Stanley cup finals and was 17 seconds from winning it all, but what was more important, the fact that they reunited a region after such a tradgedy.
True I can see where all the passion comes from, during this World cup of soccer, this only happens every 4 years, but the teams do play on each year in between, but what we need to change is, the passion from the gambling of the game no matter what sport your passionate about, cause when you show true passion of a sport, it shows worldwide throughout our Society and will fix any problem we have in life, as it helps us over come anything that may cross our paths, on our Journey of life.

” passion in sports is what we need, being passionate shows our love and empathy”

” sports will bring good to our society, all we have to do is be passionate back”

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