We crave Family, we hurt inside when it’s not there

In today’s Society we have missed the boat, when taking for granted what is important and losing sight of our true priorities.
One of these priorities are, having a true Family around us, that no matter what they are there to bring support to us, which gives us the strength to achieve anything that may cross our paths.
A true definition of family is, a Mother, Father and Siblings, each one of these in their own way, teach us how to grow into a healthy person in life, while we enter the Society of our world today.
I get the fact that we all have rights as an Individual in this World, but I struggle with the fact of other’s imposing their rights on me, like their rights have precedence over mine? We are all equal as Humans in the eyes of God and it is us the people, that are killing Humanity and filling it with nothing but hatred.
With that said, the Gay rights movement is just a movement, that some are trying to impose their rights on other’s, these feelings you have for other’s the same as you, didn’t come from birth, they came from how you were raised as a young child, a child is like a sponge, even at 1 years old you soak up what is around you, even though you may not remember or aware of what you are doing, even though you may not remember at this young age, your mind always remembers and in some way shape or form, it comes out later in life.
When our Parents divorce cause they grow apart, no matter what steps are taken, the child/children always hurt, sometimes in ways we can not see, cause nobody truly knows what is going on in their minds, in Gods eyes a marrige is between a Man and a Woman for good reasons, they each bring their own skills to the child in their ways, a marrige between two Woman or two Men, can’t give the child this, no matter how hard they try, even a Mother bringing up children alone, can’t achieve this either, when a child is brought up missing a Father or a Mother, their will always be a vacancy in their lives.
With this vacancy a child grows up incomplete, sometimes just flows along just to fit in, or acts out to try to get noticed, even if a child grows up with a Mother and Father, usally a life event causes these same effects, which makes communication between the child, Mother and Father very important, to keep the child from hiding within himself, than later in life the child won’t act in ways we can’t explain, when the mind makes us do things, we normally won’t do.
God created us as a Man and a Woman for a reason, not for us to be self centered thinking that everything revovles around “me”, when we operate the way God had envisioned for us to do, it is a beautiful thing to see, but when we continue the road we are on, it will lead to more hatred and destruction of Humanity as we know it.
We are all born with this mind and brain, from as early as a year old, they are a sponge that soaks up everything around it and when bad is around the child, he/she will soak that in, they are too young to react, but later in life as our mind always remembers, it will come out whether we like it or not, the important thing to remember is, as we walk our Journey through life, always know the cycle in life, how things happen, so when they do happen we can change before things spiral out of control, part of living our life is knowing our true selves, out of love and empathy for all that is around us, so we won’t hurt ourselves and other’s around us as we walk our Journey of life and a Mother and Father teach us this in their own way, but good communication with them is the key to a good healthy life.

” what a mother and father bring to their children, there are no words to describe”

” having rights to do things in our lives is good, but not if we impose our rights on other’s”

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