A Family’s bond equals a solid foundation

As we live and survive within today’s Society, there is one important factor we all are guilty of taking for granted and that factor is quite simple, the fact that we all take advantage of our own families.
Each one of us are born into a family, it is here we learn the fundamentals of life while we help build a foundation, that will never crack throughout the test of time.
The problem lies within ourselves, as when we grow in our lives and transition into the World around us, depending on how we are brought up, whether it’s a broken home, solid home life, or how ever we have been raised, it is how we interperet our lessons, as to how or what kind of life events have happened to us throughout the beginining of our Journey.
When bad things happen, we then try to hide whatever harmed us to avoid further harm and to protect ourselves, it then clouds our judgements, which leads us to make bad choices in the future and as all these bad choices start to compound, we don’t realize alot of times until it’s too late, that we are hurting ourselves even further.
A Family is a small group of Individuals within a Society, that creates a bond and a solid foundation out of love for one another, when that bond and foundation are created correctly, there is nothing throughout the test of time that will crack or break it, which helps us as Individuals get through anything that may come across our path, so we can be better and stronger moving forward, but unfortunately we as individuals misinterpret and take for granted our own families when life events happen, not only leading to a broken self image, but leaks into a Society as well, causing a Society to become broken.
A Family is the most important part of all our lives, it is important to get it right and form that solid foundation, create a bond so strong that together with the foundation, will help us grow and prosper within a Society, which will help a Society become stronger and better, never under estimate the power of a good family, cause this power will help you overcome anything/everything that may come across your path, on your Journey of life you walk.

” power of family is so strong, nothing will ever defeat it”

” foundation of family will never crack, when the individuals inside it believe in it’s strength”

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