Being Real / Portraying Fake Reality

In this Society in which we live today, it is very easy to get caught up in portraying a fake Identity, in this Society there is no room for showing weakness, for you will be stomped on and left behind.
When you have been harmed and are troubled, the Media the way they are, will highlight this no matter what the circumstance of the situation, so we then hide within ourselves, put forth a fake self, to try to move forward like nothing happened, without fixing the problem as it happened.
In our Society with all the Advertising and music video’s etc… This shows just how fake we have become, in order for the automobile companies to sell a car, they need to fix up a lady, in the most sexy way, so you think she will come with the selling of the car? They also show commercials of the car driving a 100mph down a city street? Like where are the Police cars pulling them over for speeding? In this Society being fake is what sells and being real, is just boring and uncool?
Being fake is not only uncool, it shows weakness and just how shallow we have become in this Society, we all have our troubling times, times we want to forget so we can move forward with strength, but when we hide within our selves and put forth a fake identity, only compounds our issues even more, without adressing what is truly wrong with ourselves, seeing all these commercials and music video’s and just how many people out there thinking that there is nothing wrong with them, shows just how fake we in this Society have become.
When we are portraying a fake self, only shows that we are not true to ourselves, so how can we be true to other’s? Impossible is the word that comes to mind, it is impossible to be true to other’s, when we can’t be true to ourselves. This Society of being fake, begins with each and every one of us and until we fix ourselves, our Society will never change for the better.
Now granted some of us may be troubled more than other’s, but this is no excuse for us to take advantage of each other, for our own personal gain. God didn’t create us for this reason, he created us to show more empathy of each other, help each other throughout our Journey, be true to ourselves instead of portraying what we are not, so we can be real with each other, which will show strength and have no signs of weakness, we only have this one Journey, whether it is long or short, if we be true to ourselves while being true to other’s, our Journey will well worth the trip and full of happiness and strength.

” Being fake in anything, only hurts us further in life”

” Reality is just that, being real to everyone and anything”

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