Birthdays!!! we all have them each year

What is really the meaning of our Birthday?
Now that I turn 50 today, I feel no different than when I was 20, as a matter of fact I feel like I can take on another 50 years, but that is what got me thinking, if age is just a number, then what do we really celebrate every year on our Birthday?
We should not celebrate just another year of our exsistence on our Journey, what we need to do is, celebrate the quality of our exsistence and what good we have done, or what good we have brought to our lives and the lives of those around us.
Most of us get caught up in the just fitting in part of life, this is the part we try to become something we are not, just to be excepted, or seen on the outside as a good person, then later in life we regret this way and feel incomplete, it is not what is on the outside that matters, it’s how we feel on the inside, that matters even more and is how we need to change, so we can be totally complete as a Human.
A Birthday is a day we should look at, to take stock in our lives, a day that is reckcognized as the start of our journey, as we take stock just look back, go through the inventory of our lives, see where we need to change, so we can move forward being better and stronger, on the remaining part of our journey.
Throughout our lives and as we walk our journey, there is no one that can say, they have not had any bad times that they regret, we all have had them, but it’s not about the bad or the good, it’s about learning from these times that makes us better and stronger, as we all learn and change to be better and stronger, not only does this help ourselves, it also helps those around us and within Society as well, this is what God meant when he created us, for us to except, learn and change throughout our journey, so all can do the same throughout Society, as we become a Society of love, instead of a Society of hate.
Birthday’s should be happy every year we have them, Birthday’s should not be sad with regret, but instead of dwelling on this regret, just look back at the years you have been walking the journey, take stock of the inventory, so you can change what you need to, than move forward with the strength to be better, for the rest of your journey, while celebrating each year of your Birthday with happiness and not with sadness from regret.

” Birthdays may be a number, they should not be filled with regret”

” A Birthday is a celebration of our journy’s we walk, they should not determine how we walk that journey”

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