STOP!!!! Take the time to notice what’s around you

In this Society we live today, nobody actually takes the time anymore to look around and enjoy what is around you, the old expression of “dog eat dog world”, really takes on a different meaning today.
The way we as Humans have evolved over time, is the reason some individuals have gone nuts sort of speak, everyday we hear through the Media that somewhere, someone is shooting up other people, Common sense will tell you the bottom line of this, may be easier to see if we just stop and look around, to see where we have gone wrong through time.
These Distraught Individuals have become “distraught” because we have let them be this way, in this Society if you are different and confused, other’s only make fun of you to the point of, you have no choice but to pull back and isolate yourself, from the rest of the Society, any kind of isolation in any way by a Human Being, is not in any way a healthy way for us to move forward on our journey.
When we are isolated our mind then plays tricks on us and we start talking out loud to nobody, the deviant side of the mind then becomes the dominate one, as now we think deviant thoughts and ways to get back at those who have harmed us, we don’t think of the ramifications of our actions, just an action that harms those individuals that have harmed us, we don’t let any other thoughts enter our minds, other than the thoughts of evil and not good, we then enter into denial, which takes away the difference of right and wrong and helps us not to think of these actions further.
Empathy? when we are isolated we have no empathy, we have no feelings and simply objectify everything/everybody around us, the empathy is still there, we all have it, just that we suppress it so deep inside ourselves, it is like it don’t exsist, when we get to this part of isolation, is when we become a danger to ourselves and all those around us, we than will stop at nothing to make other’s feel pain, as we try to make our pain go away, we all go through troubling times, but we all don’t let our minds wander in deviant ways either, but there are Individuals that do and we need to be aware of them, instead of turning our backs and making fun of these individuals, we need to reach out to them, make them feel loved, like God does to all of us everyday, not only will this heal them, but will heal all of us, moving forward on our Journey’s through life.

” Time to take the time to notice what is around us”

” We all hurt, we all feel pain, it is what we do with it that helps us overcome with strength”

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