The Pentacost brings the Holy Spirit

The Pentacost is to bring awareness of something, that we have gotten away from over time.
To believe in God with your heart and soul, is to truely believe in yourself, with the confidence to overcome anything, that may come before us on our paths, as we walk our Journey of life.
The Holy Spirit has always lived inside us and will never leave us empty, God created this Planet along with us as Humans and to make his job easy and fun moving forward, he gave us this Holy Spirit, in the name of our “Higher Power”.
This Higher Power is a way for God to guide us, as we walk our journey and find the true path of rightousness, what has happened to this “higher Power” over time is, us as Humans and the way we have evolved, we basically have evolved into a being who thinks, there is no one smarter than “me”, with this “me” attitude we then forget that there is true power in numbers and “unity” is the key to our success on all our journey’s.
This Higher Power within all of us, only works when we stay true to ourselves and the Lord God and truely believe in him and ourselves, without this believe, we are not complete and will always feel empty, with incompleteness, we may not see God, or hear him speak, but he is there as we are his investment on this Planet, deep within our souls, is this higher power, called the Holy Spirit, just waiting for us to unleash it and forever be happy.
Within our Society of today, if we really look at it, it shows just how shallow we have become, very few of us really dig down deep to find this higher power, to get in touch with this Holy Spirit, cause if we did we would find that, yes there is strength in numbers with this unity and that being all about me, only breeds lonliness, hatred and weakness, with the Holy Spirit we can achieve anything we set out to do, no matter what hurdle is put in our way.
God created us here on Earth, with this Holy Spirit or higher power, for us to be unique of all the creatures, with a free spirit to think and act, by being safe and making good decisions, he put this higher power/holy spirit within us, so when we stay true to ourselves and believe in him and ourselves, he sends us messages for us to see, that will guide us to the path of rightousness, as we walk our Journey in Life and we can only see these messages, when we dig deep and truely feel the power of the Holy Spirit/higher power, then we can unleash it and live in unity instead of isolation, with happiness and strength.

” being safe and making good decision, keeps us in touch with our higher power”

” we all have this higher power/holy spirit, we just have to look deep within our souls”

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