The Sport’s Philosophy

Sport’s has changed a whole lot from what it used to be, it has become more of a business than anything else, the player’s don’t play for the fun anymore, as now it’s about how much the team can pay them, we all want to make a good living don’t get me wrong, but when you take the fun out of anything, you no longer have fun at what you are doing.
When you play a sport, no matter what that sport is, when you are having alot of fun at it, you excel in many ways and become a star of that sport, when you play a sport whether you have pressure of other’s around you, or your trying to make the big dollars, now your not having fun anymore, you will step on who ever you need to, to advance yourself over them.
When we grow up we play our sports within the neighborhood, around other children in that neighborhood, it starts out as pick up games amongst friends, this is where you develop a passion for the game, then it leads to playing more organized within your community and schools, still developing that passion even greater, as you make different teams and get coached by different coaches, you become better and with being better, your passion becomes even better, this passion is what drives you to become even more of a star in your sport.
Along the journey of your sports days, there will be rocky times which goes without saying, the winning becomes more important than the passion as you see it, I get the fact we all want to win, but winning isn’t everything or the end of the world, there must always be a winner and a loser, but it’s how you lose that makes you into a winner, you have to lose gracefully in order to be successful at winning.
The days of yesterday in sports, is far different then the days of today, today the coaches don’t teach you how to lose gracefully, so you can truly win later, they teach you to play for the money, instead of playing for the passion, the money is where we lose the “passion for the game”, when we play for the money, we then try harder at being better, when we try harder we make mistakes, when we make mistakes the coach than plays the other guy, cause all the coach wants to do is win, so the coach becomes clouded in his judgement and puts winning above the true teaching of the player, so they can truly become a winner together.
When you are a player and play a sport with true passion, you alot of times get overlooked and don’t get respected as the ones that play for the money, even though the passion gives you the most fun, playing a game you love, look at Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins, he was overlooked alot as he started coming up the ranks, but he was very passionate and loved what he was doing, it wasn’t til recently when he started getting the respect, now through all the passion he played with, is loved by many throughout the Hockey world and he has played the game the right way, along his journey to play the sport which his passion has made him into a winner anywhere.

“Sport’s are played with a passion with love, anything else is secondary”

” winning isn’t everything in sports, first you have to lose gracefully, before you can truly win”


Take the “Bull” out of “BULL”ying……

We all have this trait of bullying within us, we all have been bullied as a young child, some more so than other’s, the part we have come to overlook is, the Bully is no different than each one of us.
A Bully is a person whether man/woman, that inflicts fear and takes control of the people around them, it just doesn’t have to be the school bully, that takes your lunch money, or forces you to do things in which you do not want to, A Bully is many things within our lives and even more often then not, is someone close to ourselves, A Bully isn’t just about being physical to inflict harm, the same harm can also be the verbal kind, which affects us by way of our mental side of us, this mental side of the abuse can be just as harmful than the physical side and can have longer effects on us throughout our journey of life.
A Bully can be the School Teacher to their students, it could be an older family member to their younger family, it could be a CEO of a company, abusing their power of authority over other’s, it could also be a public official over all in the community, the bottom line is a Bully is part of all of us and when we let these Bully traits consume us, then we ourselves become the Bully.
These Bully traits only consume us, when we are not true to ourselves, hide our empathy feelings and love of other’s and let the feelings of hate consume all our thoughts and actions, a Bully can be controled when we control ourselves and let our true selves shine, with our true feelings of empathy and love ahead of all else.
We all cringe when we hear all the reports of children committing suicide cause they are a victim of Bullying, we then push the blame to the Individual responsible for this tradgic event, what we should really be doing is, find out why this Individual did this and why did he act on this Bully trait we all have within us, this Individual has learned somewhere that being a Bully, they can control other’s around them, when we look to blame instead of reckcognizing this Bully trait, then we to are hiding within ourselves and not letting our true empathy and love of other’s shine when we need it the most.
We all as Humans hurt and we all have feelings and emotions, it’s when we hide all these that we then become untrue to ourselves and other’s around us, it is also then that we let all the negative traits within us come out, which does nothing but spread the hatred we now have in our Society, when we all stay true to ourselves, let our true empathy and love shine, is when our Society shines with good and forces this hatred to move on, as it can’t affect us anymore.

” a Bully can only control if we ourselves let them control our lives”

” love and empathy are more powerful than hate, we just have to give them a chance to show us”

Is the glass half full, or just see it as half empty

This question of glass half full/glass half empty? Has been in our lives for many many many years, it is a question that only us as Individuals have the true answer for, in the way we percieve everything/anything around us.
The way we percieve things around us, not only affects us, but also affects other’s around us, with this perception and how each of us do it, makes for alot of perceptions, you think the way you percieve something, is the same way people around you percieve it also? If you think the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to change the way of your perceptions.
A perception is like our feelings, how we act, or how we see things, they are all different and with the amount of people in this Society, you can see just how complicated it can be, when other’s don’t percieve something as we ourselves do, we then form this opinion of them and create this hate of them, instead of looking deeper and understanding what or how they percieve differently than we ourselves do.
Whether you percieve the glass as half full, or whether you percieve it as half empty, really means nothing in the grand sceem of things, our perceptions of everything around us may be different, but if we only look deeper into the perception, look deeper into our fellow Man/Woman, we will have a better understanding of life and how everything around us works, the Human body and all it’s parts may seem very complex to us, but it is the perception of how we look at things, that is the most complex and what forces us to be superficial, instead of looking deeper so we can better understand everything/anything around us.
We have all heard of the term the “Mind’s eye”, perception is the eye of our minds, our mind’s are the most complex thing here on Earth, as nobody knows what is in the mind of another, which is a good explanation of why we percieve everything differently, cause our perception is a product of our mind, the Mind is a powerful force within each of us, it can control everything we do if we let it, so the best way for us to take back control, is to look deeper into the perception, instead of being superficial and rationalizing everything around us, so instead of looking at the glass as half empty, just fill it back up and percieve your thirst as being quenched.

” is the glass half empty, or half full, it doesn’t matter if we truly understand”

” Look deep into the perception, so we can understand better of how we see things”

Passion within Sports

Now that the World Cup is airing World wide, You have Soccer being showed on just about every TV worldwide, We here in America can see just how passionate other fans in other Countries are of the biggest sport within their country, some may take their passion a little to far and get way too emotional about a game, even though they don’t know anybody on the team personally, thats because of the betting on the game factor, which has ruined all sports and the true meaning of having a passion of the game.
I get having a passion for a sport, as my sport of passion is ice Hockey, I love everything of the game and miss very much playing the game, as an injury took that from me, but that don’t stop me from keeping up with everything that happens within the sport, true I may get a little to passionate especially when I watch my favorite team the Boston Bruins, but I would never cross the line, like some of these soccer fans of other countries.
When you are passionate about a game or anything in life, if done in the right context, is a natural and beautiful thing for all of us, but when you get passionate because of a gambling thing, or cross the line and hurt other’s around you, than maybe you should change the way you look at any sport, the gambling part of sports is what has ruined all sports of today, cause it forces us to look at sports for the wrong reasons.
When we look at sports for the right reasons, it brings a feeling of warmth, inspiration and unity, not just to ourselves, but to the teams of that sport and all people within our Society, the Boston Bruins of 2013 showed just how this passion is suppose to be, with the Boston Marathon bombing and how it affected the whole region, the Bruins took the region on their backs, not just the players, but the front office and what they did as an organization, they took this slogan #bostonstrong to show what it truly means, the true meaning is “unity” and together we will get through this and be stronger than ever moving forward, the team that year went to game 7 of the Stanley cup finals and was 17 seconds from winning it all, but what was more important, the fact that they reunited a region after such a tradgedy.
True I can see where all the passion comes from, during this World cup of soccer, this only happens every 4 years, but the teams do play on each year in between, but what we need to change is, the passion from the gambling of the game no matter what sport your passionate about, cause when you show true passion of a sport, it shows worldwide throughout our Society and will fix any problem we have in life, as it helps us over come anything that may cross our paths, on our Journey of life.

” passion in sports is what we need, being passionate shows our love and empathy”

” sports will bring good to our society, all we have to do is be passionate back”

” Life is like a box of Chocolates”

This quote from the movie Forest Gump, is a perfect quote for the true message of this film, cause just like in life, you really don’t know what is inside, til you open, explore and try everything, you may never know, you may like what the contents hold.
Forest Gump was one of the finest moments in Tom Hanks career, playing the part of a mentally challenged Individual, who had a great passion and attitude towards life, never afraid to open that box of chocolates and try all of it’s contents, yes in the movies they always make it seem much easier than it really is, but the basic message of this movie is, now matter how hard you think it is, if you do the work correctly and live life correctly, the payoff of living all our lives this simply, out weighs anything else throughout our lives.
The Forest Gump method for us, may seem stupid, or maybe far fetched to be real, but seriously think about it, throughout life we make it alot harder than it really needs to be, they say an Entrepenuer is some one that takes risks? We all have these skills inside us, we just have to have the confidence to unleash these skills, of which we will never find out, unless we open that box of chocolates.
In this Society we look at people like Forest Gump, maybe laugh at them cause they are different? Or maybe ignore them and not take them seriously? What we don’t do enough of is, really look inside the person, cause we are to busy being superficial and judgeing the book by the cover sort of speak, we can all learn from each other, no matter who, what or, where you are from, until we stop on the path we are going and change ourselves, we will never truly know, what the box of chocolates, holds in store for us.

“Life is really like a box of chocolates, we need to open it to see what’s in store”

” We as Humans are not perfect, we can learn from anybody to make ourselves better”

We crave Family, we hurt inside when it’s not there

In today’s Society we have missed the boat, when taking for granted what is important and losing sight of our true priorities.
One of these priorities are, having a true Family around us, that no matter what they are there to bring support to us, which gives us the strength to achieve anything that may cross our paths.
A true definition of family is, a Mother, Father and Siblings, each one of these in their own way, teach us how to grow into a healthy person in life, while we enter the Society of our world today.
I get the fact that we all have rights as an Individual in this World, but I struggle with the fact of other’s imposing their rights on me, like their rights have precedence over mine? We are all equal as Humans in the eyes of God and it is us the people, that are killing Humanity and filling it with nothing but hatred.
With that said, the Gay rights movement is just a movement, that some are trying to impose their rights on other’s, these feelings you have for other’s the same as you, didn’t come from birth, they came from how you were raised as a young child, a child is like a sponge, even at 1 years old you soak up what is around you, even though you may not remember or aware of what you are doing, even though you may not remember at this young age, your mind always remembers and in some way shape or form, it comes out later in life.
When our Parents divorce cause they grow apart, no matter what steps are taken, the child/children always hurt, sometimes in ways we can not see, cause nobody truly knows what is going on in their minds, in Gods eyes a marrige is between a Man and a Woman for good reasons, they each bring their own skills to the child in their ways, a marrige between two Woman or two Men, can’t give the child this, no matter how hard they try, even a Mother bringing up children alone, can’t achieve this either, when a child is brought up missing a Father or a Mother, their will always be a vacancy in their lives.
With this vacancy a child grows up incomplete, sometimes just flows along just to fit in, or acts out to try to get noticed, even if a child grows up with a Mother and Father, usally a life event causes these same effects, which makes communication between the child, Mother and Father very important, to keep the child from hiding within himself, than later in life the child won’t act in ways we can’t explain, when the mind makes us do things, we normally won’t do.
God created us as a Man and a Woman for a reason, not for us to be self centered thinking that everything revovles around “me”, when we operate the way God had envisioned for us to do, it is a beautiful thing to see, but when we continue the road we are on, it will lead to more hatred and destruction of Humanity as we know it.
We are all born with this mind and brain, from as early as a year old, they are a sponge that soaks up everything around it and when bad is around the child, he/she will soak that in, they are too young to react, but later in life as our mind always remembers, it will come out whether we like it or not, the important thing to remember is, as we walk our Journey through life, always know the cycle in life, how things happen, so when they do happen we can change before things spiral out of control, part of living our life is knowing our true selves, out of love and empathy for all that is around us, so we won’t hurt ourselves and other’s around us as we walk our Journey of life and a Mother and Father teach us this in their own way, but good communication with them is the key to a good healthy life.

” what a mother and father bring to their children, there are no words to describe”

” having rights to do things in our lives is good, but not if we impose our rights on other’s”

Trust is a must!!! It keeps us strong moving forward

Trust is a part of our lives we all take for granted, we use it in a way to take advantage of other’s for our personal gain, we use it to try to fit in with a certain clique, when we use it’s power for the wrong reasons, we do nothing but bring much pain and hatred to the Society.
Look at the old days of the Mafia when they use to control the streets, they used this trust to get into the heads of other’s, whether a fellow street thug, or someone in which they want to control, as we can see from all the facts, all it did was create alot of hate and pain, when you see the word “trust” you may see a word, but if you really look deep into this word, you can see the true power this word holds.
The true meaning and power of this word “trust” is a beautiful thing, when being true to the trust it’s power of love and beauty is like no other on this Planet, true trust brings out the love within our hearts, shows the beauty of our souls and spreads within a Society like wildfire, as the Society grows with much strength.
We all have this true trust within us, we just have to release it with sincerity, this Society we live today has forced us to hide this true trust, with all the distrust of each other, the faking of this trust, to gain control of someone or something, just for our own personal gain, we are all guilty of this today and it shows with how Society has become today.
What is truly sad about taking advantage of this word truth is, there are people out there that will stop at nothing and hide their own empathy, so they can gain your trust, take advantage of you, so they can control everything about you and when they are done with you, basically kick you to the curb, as they move on to their next victim, this is the true reality we live with today in this Society. meanwhile the person they kicked to the curb, has changed even without them realizing the why? their true trust has been violated, their self esteem hardly exsists at all and they do what they have to to hide within theirselves, in order to try to move forward with their lives.
This is what we have become within this Society, without this true trust we no longer can show our true love of one another anymore, which is why we have so much hatred in this Society today, the way we change this is, each one of us as an Individual has to stop, look around and look deep within themselves, take stock and inventory of our lives to date, see where it went wrong, then proceed with fixing our wrongs and our mistakes, so we than can stop hiding within ourselves, forgive all that has hurt us in the past, so we can move forward with strength and confidence, as we all do this we will see the true trust and the love coming back to us, just like God forgives us for whatever we have done, no matter how bad the situation, we to have to forgive so we can move on stronger along our Journey of life.

“Trust is a word that it’s real power is within each of us”

“The power of trust brings out our forgivness and love of everything we encounter”