Carrying a tape recorder on our daily Journey

Maybe this is something we all should do? Not just at the end of the day to listen to ourselves, but to listen to others around us, just to re-listen to our daily chats and hear what others are saying, we will clearly see all the hate and where it is coming from.
We in this Society have become so bitter, we don’t even realize what we are doing, alot of it is because we don’t want to accept responsibility and the fact that we all have problems to fix, everybody as they walk their Journey have something that happens to them, that they try to hide from others cause they don’t want to be seen as weak.
When we see other’s doing things that make us jealous, or that we don’t like, we then begin to chat about them in a derogortory way, basically putting them down as to hide our true selfs further, without even realizing it we turn topics around in a political manner and drawing on the race card etc… which furthers the hate card even more, we all as Humans on this Earth are guilty of this, at one point or another.
In the true sense of Race, there is no such word as we are all the same in life and that is a Human. The word “race” shouldn’t even exsist in our vocabulary, as it only breeds more hatred, as for most it is an excuse for them to deter their own issues, when we take this word race and mix it in a political fashion, this is nothing more than a recipe for diseaster, no matter how you look at it.
We in this Society have become so bitter, we can’t even see the real reality anymore, no matter where you go, you come across others talking negativly towards others and everything in their lives, go to the local diner and see what happens when a stranger enters in the door and even worse, if that stranger is wearing something that someone don’t like, this is what we have become and this is where all the hatred in this Society comes from.
We as Humans are our own worst enemy, it’s not a battle of different countries, it’s not even a battle of neighbors, determining where their property line ends, it is a battle of us as Humans and people of this Society. We as people will end life here on Earth, just because of all the bickering bitternes and all the hatred throughout this Planet.
We need to change ourselves and our ways, for our Society to grow and be healthy once again, everybody needs to stop hurting others for their own personal gain, this couldn’t be more true as in our Governments throughout all the countries, but is it us the people that vote them in, then do nothing except be bitter and start the negative chit chat towards them, if you can’t do the job, not only should you not run, but we the people should vote much smarter than what we have been doing.
We all as Humans walk our Journey’s of life, we may take our own paths, experience different things, but we all walk a journey, instead of boasting ourselves and saying our way is the best way, we need to teach each other, as we all have something to teach, whether big or small, then help each other instead of hurting one another, so we all can be happy, which will help our Society grow with strength.

“society grows with strength, when the people are happy in their journey”

“bitterness makes us sour, as happiness makes us all sweet with love”

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