We are Human, we are strong

There is a song out there called “Human” by Christine Perry, not to be confused with Katie Perry, Christine has this song Human and it is a very inspiring song, unlike some songs out there, you can actually listen and understand the words and really get a feeling of the message of the song.
Christine has a very strong and powerful voice and sings with plenty of confidence, love the fact she writes her own songs and plays the piano, never heard of her til a few weeks ago, but I strongly like her songs and singing.
This song called Human, is a very inspiring song with a strong message we all need throughout this Society, basically the song talks about us as Humans, yes we all make mistakes, yes we all have life events happen to us, whether large or small, but no matter the size of the mistake or the seriousness of the event and what’s put forth in front of us, we are Human and we can overcome anything that trys to take us down, all we need to do is want it bad enough, work hard at overcoming the situation and we will overcome anything.
We in this Society of “all about me” we are in now, has clouded us to the point of, we make dumb decisions and hide our true feelings and emotions, in order to portray to others we are strong and not weak, it is actually harder to live life with hidden feelings and emotions, cause they will come back to haunt us one day, which then makes our journey and lives much harder than they really need to be, when we stay true to ourselves, don’t hide our true feelings and emotions, our journey and lives will be full of happiness and love, which makes for an easier life moving forward.
We are Human, we are the most intelligent and smartest of the species on this planet Earth, but sometimes with our actions, we are the dumbest cause we don’t think things through, instead we react without thinking of the ramifications of our actions, we in this Society aren’t afraid of others, only we are afraid of ourselves and what others may think of us, when we stay true to ourselves, full of feelings and emotions, all the love we have will then be shared, which will make all the hate we see now, disappear from our exsistence, as there will be no more room for it.

” We react without thinking through the ramifications of our actions”

” We aren’t afraid of others, only we are afraid of ourselves and what others may think”

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