Rumor has it, we do get caught into it

We walk this Planet on our Journey of life, throughout the time of Mankind, we do so pretending we know it all, but do we really?
We are smart, we are unique in our own way, with all the different paths to chose from, we then chose our path to walk our journey’s, the journey is a long one and sometimes we get caught up in the trials and turbulation of this journey, we tend to second geuss ourselves and those around us, which then leads to kaos and not accepting who we really are, so as we meet others on our path, we then become someone we are not, to show we are strong, just to hide our weakness.
We hear things that are not really true, as these rumors are just that, chat about anything that gets other’s to believe in something that just don’t exsist, these rumors only become reality only when we don’t believe in ourselves, when we truely believe in ourselves and other’s we meet on our journey, these rumors won’t even exsist.
Rumor’s are a way for us to hide from reality, as we think they are protecting us from harm, but the true reality is, rumors make our reality and our journey’s even harder than they have to be, the easy way is to stay true to ourselves, then other’s can’t hurt us or bring harm to us in any way.
The trials and turbulation of walking our journey’s, are what keeps us strong from all harm, all we have to do is, stay true to ourselves, believe in ourselves and the harm won’t come to us.

” Rumors are just words, that deter us if we let them”
” Being true to ourselves, will keep us strong from all harm”

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