The 2014 Boston Bruins

I would like to start out by saying, thank you to the Bruins players, coaches, the front office staff and the management, for a great and exciting season, with a few player’s up for an award, as well as the organization for winning the President’s trophy.
This season like all others had it’s ups and downs, but when push came to shove the team achieved high honors, I have been a Bruins fan for my lifetime, I have also played the game and understand the ins and outs of the game, as well as the other side of the game, being the business side, to be able to compete in this NHL of today, you must evolve and by evolve I mean change as well as adapt like all the other teams.
My earliest memory of the Bruins, was Bobby Orr flying through the air, on a pass from Derek “Turk” Sanderson, for the winning goal in the 1970 Stanley Cup finals, I have been a true fan since and have seen many stars wear the spoked “B”, the Bruins have seen it’s share of NHL stars to wear the B and I am sure they will see many more in the future.
Now as these 2014 playoffs come to a close for the organization, of which I was very excited to see another Stanley cup come to Boston, as this team was good enough to do this, I am also disapointed on how they came to a close, in my opinion this team just simply imploded at the wrong time, letting the other team get in their heads and taking bad penelties, even though the officiating was fair at best, I do feel very bad for Iggy as this was his best shot at a Championship and do hope he comes back for another run with the Bruins, this team is well coached has it’s good core group of player’s starting with Patrice Bergeron, but does need to change some ingrediants, in order to make the product a gourmet delight once again.
With change comes some resistence, but it is change well worth making to be better and stronger moving forward, first I would start with Brad Marchand as his reputation has gone sour and hurts his team with bad penelties, on defense with a healthy Seidenberg, I would take Mcquaid, Bartkowski and Mezarros, trade them for stronger and better “D” men, that can handle the puck and quarterback the powerplay very much like a Ray Bourque, with Chara getting older, start thinking about making Patrice the captain and using Chara in key situations, which will bring down his minuates on the ice, Chara still has some to give, just not what a younger Chara would give, build the “D” around Boychuk, Hamilton Krug and Seidenberg.
For Marchand, I would add Caron to the mix and go after younger seasoned veterns, that would fit the system and the team mentality attitude and know how to find the back of the net, Lootch is a great power forward that plays with an edge, I just think that he went over that edge and wasn’t effective like he usally is, can he still be that guy? Yes he can play with that edge without going over the edge and Lootch will once again be a true power forward, 3rd line was awesome to watch and with Kelly back will make them better, just have Fraser waiting in Providence and let Caron go with Marchand trade, these ideas of mine sound good and will make the team better moving forward, change sometimes is difficult, but when done correctly, is the best for everybody moving forward,

” Boston Bruins are a great team and organization, that helps a community heal at troubled times”

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