Hockey playoffs in 7th Heaven

Playoffs in any sport has it’s own persona about them, Hockey playoffs and a game 7 winner take all game, is like no other sport on the planet.
Hockey is so fast paced and full of action, that to some of the watcher’s, they just can’t follow the game and chose a less action kind of sport like Baseball, but to those who know the game of Hockey, this is the most exciting part of the season.
The NHL player’s who have the chance to take part in these playoffs and experience a game 7, gives them all a sense of pride and a shot of adreniline, none of them want to loss this game, but unfortunatly there has to be a winner and a loser, the Coaches of these teams coach their players to be ready and follow the game plan for a win, it is ultimitly up to the players to execute the the game plan, stay true to the system and play to their strengths, to give themselves and their teammates a chance to win this game 7, than move on to the next round.
Each round of the playoffs becomes more and more intense, as it is a step closer to the Holy Grail of Hockey, Lord’s Stanley Cup. Not only is this trophy the Holy Grail of Hockey, it is also the most convenant of all trophies in all sports, for one big reason, it is the hardest to win.
You have four 7 game series, which the goal on “mission sixteen” is, to win 16 times, the team that does this will win Lord’s Stanley Cup, but along the journey of “mission 16” you have 16 other teams all playing for this goal, unlike Football where it’s one and done, you have to win 4 out of 7, to advance to next round, with the hardest win of each series, being the 4th win, cause the other team will leave everything on the ice, just to stop you from winning it.
Hockey playoffs for those true diehard fans, is the best time of the season, for the player’s it’s about taking what you learned through the regular season, with your teammates that have become like family and applying all the good, to be the best each and every game through the playoffs, for the Coaches it’s about keeping the team focused, while playing to the system and their strengths, picking apart the other teams weaknesses and showing the team where to excel, plus for the Coaches it is exciting watching their player’s execute and excel, on the journey of “mission 16”.
Hockey is the coolest game on ice, with the playoffs being nail biting intense action for all the fans, yes like all sports, you have that bandwagon fan that thinks they know the game, or worse create a feeling of uneasy throughout the sport, that leads to negativity, it happens and we can’t control that, but what we can control is ourselves the true fan, as we watch this great game, the way it is suppose to be watched, we route for our favorite teams and mine happens to be the Boston Bruins, so as I watch game 7 between the Bruins and Canadiens, I watch as a true Hockey fan and a person that “Bleeds Black and Gold”.

” Go Bruins on your journey of mission 16″
” Let the Canadiens go back to doubting themselves”

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