Do we truely know ourselves or one another

                Life as we see it isn’t really as easy as we think it is, there are many components that even today we take for granted.

       From a young Toddler we are brought up with high expectations, nobody wants to see their children, let alone themselves get left behind, simply because they don’t measure up, we set goals sometimes so high, we never achieve them then live with regret for not accomplishing them, some may take on tasks even when they know nothing of that task, than live a lie to others to try to fit in with the normal people, “normal people”? what exactly is this? There is no such thing, as we are all Humans and are unique in our own way, some may take a lifetime to find this uniqueness, while others just simply fall into it, the Journey of life is full of different paths, that test us to see if we see the signs of life, this is God’s way of helping us to build our character and to just simply be ourselves, not something/someone we are not.

     In this Society when someone is looked at by other’s as different, we then look at them as outkasts, without understanding of how they really feel and who they are on the inside, we then make fun of them and simply ignore them, just to try to show other’s we are “normal”? All we are really doing is pushing our own hurt deeper inside ourselves, so we can move forward on our journey and keeping the lie of who we really are going.

     While we walk our Journey of Life, we get caught up in what other’s think we are, instead of who we really are? this has been going on since the beginning of Mankind, we may never be able to control it, but what we can do is, just simply understand it, so we can all be happier on our Journey’s.

     We all have a purpose in life, it is up to ourselves to find that purpose and to see the signs of life, that God has put before us, these signs are right in front of us, we just have to take the time to acknowledge them, so we can truely see what we are looking for, God created this planet and all it’s creatures, not for us to fail but to succeed in everything, it is us as Humans that are twisting God’s vision the wrong way, which does nothing but force us into being something/someone we are not.

      The Journey of Life to some is longer than other’s, it is us as Humans that make it harder than it has to, just be yourself, find your purpose and meaning in life, so the journey will be meaningful and not full of sorrow or regret.


“Life should be fun, not of sorrow and regret”


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