Who are we to judge each other

We all walk this journey of life, we may take different paths, or have our own ideas, but none the less the journey is the same from start to finish.
While on this Journey, change will always be a factor in all our lives, some may resist change and some may except, no matter what change will always happen, whether we like it or not.
During our lives we will come across alot of things, that will consume us if we let it, sometimes they will change us and our behaviors and we don’t even reckognize it as change, because of this other’s around us may judge us whether good or bad, we then become defensive of this judgeing and change further with hate thoughts towards other’s, each and every one of us do this without realizing and before we know it our world has become full of hate.
God did not create this World out of hate, he did so out of love and compassion, it is us as Humans that has created all this hate, mostly by judgeing each other, even though we are doing so to hide our own fears and imperfections, we all have a fear of the unknown and not one of us is perfect, even though some of us may think differently, like excepting a job you have no knowledge of, but it pays greatly, now you fear someone may find out, so you in turn judge other’s, showing their weakness, just to hide your own, things like this keep snow balling in our Society and before you know it, we all are judgeing each other.
We all get caught up in this judgeing of each other as we walk our journey through life, we are the ones who chose the path we are on, so it is us as an Individual, that needs to except the responsibilities of that path, so each on of us can move forward with strength and become better, all while showing the love of one another, like God himself when he created this Planet.
We all wonder why we see so many tradgedies these days, like earthquakes, tornadoes, etc… This is God trying to send us a message, to stop all the hate, the judgeing of each other, except our changes and take responsibilities of our actions, show more love and empathy of each other, so we can get back on track in our choice of paths on our journey of life, show God we see his message and will except the change needed, to get along with all we may encounter.

“we get one shot on our journey, we need to make it count”

“Judgeing others is a sign of weakness, except who we are and move forward with confidence”

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