When you look at something, do you really see it

In the World of fastrack and all about me, do we really notice what is around us each and every day?
When we care of only ourselves and try to keep up in this dog eat dog world, we don’t really take time of who and what are around us, or where we are really going, we take for granted of all the good around us and let the bad consume us.
God worked hard to create this Planet for us to enjoy, how do we repay him? We walk our Journey’s for ourselves, while we neglect to notice all the true beauty around us.
Day after day we complain and become more and more bitter, of anything and everything just because we do not stop and really look or appreciate what is around us.
As winter leaves us and spring takes over, stop the bickering of the foul weather, or the little things and look at all the positives, God makes it rain to cleanse the Earth and all it’s creatures, so freshness will grow for us to enjoy, just take the time to look around, see the new buds on the trees, the grasses becoming green again, the birds coming back to us in the north, all the beauty of the Earth being re-born right before our eyes.
When we stop to smell the roses sort of speak, it is then we begin to appreciate what is around us, really see what we are looking at and don’t let everything just pass us by, cause eventually one day we will all have feelings of regret, for not paying attention of what is around us.
God is with us always, in many ways as we walk our Journey’s, we may not see him cause we don’t take the time to look for him, we all get consumed in this Society for all the wrong things, because we do not take the time, some of us may have a longer Journey than other’s, but if we do not take the time to enjoy the Journey, than all our Journey’s will be a wasted Journey.

“The further you look back, the farther you will see”

“Time will cure all wounds, we just have to stop and take the time so we will mend”

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