What Sports bring to our Society

Sports can touch us in many ways, it is the one common denominator we all turn to, when we are troubled so we can forget our troubles for a while.
We as Human beings all walk a Journey in life, we may take different paths, but the Journey is the same, we all suffer tradgedies and life events, these will change us in ways we don’t understand, because we don’t understand we then let them consume us and we become something or someone we are truely not, because we are lost within ourselves we then walk our Journey out of focus and portray to others, a fake self in order to fit in.
Sports then becomes a tool for us to escape reality, to forget our troubles for a short time, just like life sports also breeds negativity, when we watch just to escape then we get caught up in this negativity and become so bitter, that hate then consumes and we don’t look at sports the same, when our team loses we look for an excuse, to hate on the team that just beat our team, it don’t matter where the excuse comes from, cause out of hate it will always be wrong and we will never see sports as the tool to lead us to the good.
Sports in our Society is a tool for us to use, so we can walk our Journey with strength, to become better than we are, when the teams of our sports do it the right way, like the Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox of 2013, they bring unity and pride to a whole community, when they need it most.
Sports bring alot of good to all our lives, we just take it for granted cause we hear about the bad more so, even if it’s just a small percentage, it gets reported on so much to create “big drama”, cause it sells newspapers and time slots on television, all this does is consume us even further and forces us to keep this negativity and hate fresh in our minds, sports is not just good to watch and cheer on our favorite teams, it is good for each of us both mentally and physically, so we can walk our different paths in life, with happiness and strength, then we can share love of one another and help our Society grow out of unity, which will give us all a good feeling of pride.

“Sports is good, Sports is healthy, it is us as Humans that turn it negative”

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