Sports brings good to our Society, when done the right way

I am a huge Boston Bruins fan, been a fan all my life and I am a true die hard fan, yes I was disappointed at their game 1 loss to the Montreal Canadians last night, but instead of showing my stupidity on social media, I was more of a good sportsman and refused to comment on any of those ridicoulous posts.
Now if you do not know what I am saying, twitter blew up last night, with stupidity and racist remarks, people calling out a certain Canadian player and using a certain word, this is uncalled for and only shows not just stupidity, but the fact that we in this Society are arrogant and all about me, maybe not all of us, but enough that it makes all of us look bad.
When sports is done the right way, just look no further then the 2013 Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox, both these teams played last year the right way, went deep in the playoffs, the Red Sox finished it off with a championship and the Bruins fell 17 seconds short, but what was more important is, both these teams played not just for themselves and their organization, but for an entire City, showing unity and a never quit attitude, after a time when the City was devastated after the Marathon bombings, showing us all what #bostonstrong really stands for.
When sports are played the right way and we as fans follow our teams the right way, it is the most beautiful thing, as it not only unifies, but gives us a feeling of pride, not just of our team but more importantly, for ourselves, so we can walk our Journey of life, with the confidence and strength, to be happy and show love of one another, instead of the hate and sadness that we see today.
Sports is a powerful tool when played the right way, to be a winning “team” you not only play for yourself, you play for your teammates, which brings that unity of a group together, that same unity then consumes all the fans and when done in the right way, is the most beautiful thing to watch. Unity and sports are there to be played correctly, so we all can prosper as a Society, when we prosper the good for all of us will follow, it’s when we don’t prosper that the bad then consumes us, so as a Bruins fan, Let’s go Bruins!!!! As a fan and a member of Society, let the “good” times roll!!!

“Sports is one tool to use, let’s do it right so we all can prosper in our Society”

“When there is hate, just simply ignore and don’t respond, as this hate will then just die away”

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