Homelessness problem in our Society

Homelessness is a real problem within our Society, it not only affects our citizens, but our military personal as well, this is an issue that just keeps getting worse, cause we are all guilty of looking the other way when we see these people.
Our own armed services go fight for this country, put their lives on the line for each and every one of us, come back home from their tour of duty, with PTSD, missing a limb, or whatever they need help with and we are guilty of turning our backs on them, they try to survive in our Society, go from job to job, all while losing everything they have and as a last resort, they take to living on the streets and eating out of a dumpster, is this how we pay them back for giving their all, so we can be free to do what we want? Seriously it is time we help them so they to can achieve the American Dream.
You have children runnjing away from home, whether it’s fault of theirs or their parents neglecting them, none the less, they to take to the streets and do whatever they need to survive, we may not hear to much of this going on, but it happens alot within our Society.
While these Homeless are on the streets, their are sick “deranged” Individuals brainwashing them and making them do things that are wrong and giving them nothing in return, this to goes on alot more than we realize and all we need to do is, take responsibility for our selves and those around us, instead of living an all about me life.
Our own Government makes cuts in Mental Health, so they can put the money somewhere else, then wastfully spend it on things we do not need, maybe if we paid attention to Mental Health needs more, then the people that need it, will get it, so as they get healthy they to can be productive in our Society, which will bring more tax dollars in and get the Government out of debt.
Homelessness is a huge problem that if we paid more attention to it, not make fun of those people, or look at them in a derogatory manner, instead look at them with love and care, make them feel wanted and that they are a Human and not an object, just maybe this major problem will be fixed, so all of us living on God’s created soil, can do so being happy and better than ever.
God created this planet, so all living breatheing creatures (yes we to are creatures) can do so together, out of love and respect for one another, while all our Journey’s are in happiness instead of all the hatred and sadness we have now.

“Together we can be strong, Individualism shows our weakness”

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