In the State of Mind

The Mind is the most complex thing we know, even more complex than the World’s super computer, the Mind is something each one of us have within our brains, the only one to have the best understanding of the mind, is ourselves of our own mind, nobody will ever figure out the mind and the only way to try to understand it, is to first understand our own mind and how it works for us.
Even as we try to figure out others around us, we will never figure out what is going on inside the mind them, we are all equally Human yes, but we are also unique in our own way, by our brains and our minds.
Even each one of us, does not even truly understand the power of our own minds, let alone understand the minds of others, the mind can play tricks on us as well, it can get us to do things, we would normally not do, cause we don’t take the time to truly understand it, or even get to truly understand ourselves, instead we do things that we think will keep us away from further harm.
We all in this Society are guilty of, taking actions on things without truly understanding the ramifications of those actions, only cause we don’t let our minds work in the way it should, only because we try to deflect the hurt in our lives, so we take actions that deflect instead of extinguish the pain, then what happens is, our minds gets retrained for the short run, instead of letting our minds do what it needs to, in order for us to heal for the long run.
Our Mind is the one tool we have that will help us get through anything we embark on, when we use it for the wrong reasons, the mind will bring us even greater pain and make us self destruct, to the point we will never know what is good and what is evil, so as we change ourselves for the better, it is even more important to change our ways and our thinking, to let our minds work the way it is suppose to, so we all in this Society can live in happiness, while showing true love of one another.

” the mind is more powerful, than we really think it is”

” the complex mind, has a brain inside itself”

” to understand ourselves, we need to first understand our minds”

Celebrating Memorial day

Throughout the history of the United States of America, there has been wars and conflicts, some right here in our Country and some around the World, some of these wars have a purpose, yet some could of been avoided with good communication and talk, none the less they have happened and those who served have paid the ultimate price and need to always be remembered for their heroic and brave actions.
The men and woman who served this great country of America, have done so by volunteering or from a draft, these men and woman were someone’s child, brother, sister, mother or father, as they sacrificed for our country, so did their families, so each and every one of us, can be free to do whatever we want and live the American Dream.
When the wars are done and our men and woman of our armed services come back here, nothing will ever be the same for them, whether they come back here with missing parts, or whether they come back to be buried on our soil, they will always need to be in our thoughts, not just on Memorial day, but every day 365 of the year.
While serving our country and living in a hostile place, they do so with the attitude of, ” either shoot to kill, or be killed”, this will mess up anybodies head, whether weak or strong, which is why out of respect for our Hero’s, we always need to be there for them, to help them transistion from a life of being hostile, to a more civilized life.
These hero’s may never be right in the head, which makes it that much more important, to help them always without turning our backs on them, or worse yet, taking everything around us for granted and forgetting those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, so we can live our lives as we do everyday of our lives.
We all walk our Journey of life, we may take different paths, but we all walk our journey’s on the same Planet, which makes it even more important for us to coincide together, so our journey’s will be that of strength and happiness, while showing our love of one another, when we do this we will see there is no room for hatred, we will all help each other instead of turning our backs on each other, then our Society will be great once again.

” either shoot to kill, or be killed mentality”

” let us always remember our Hero’s, throughout our history”

Carrying a tape recorder on our daily Journey

Maybe this is something we all should do? Not just at the end of the day to listen to ourselves, but to listen to others around us, just to re-listen to our daily chats and hear what others are saying, we will clearly see all the hate and where it is coming from.
We in this Society have become so bitter, we don’t even realize what we are doing, alot of it is because we don’t want to accept responsibility and the fact that we all have problems to fix, everybody as they walk their Journey have something that happens to them, that they try to hide from others cause they don’t want to be seen as weak.
When we see other’s doing things that make us jealous, or that we don’t like, we then begin to chat about them in a derogortory way, basically putting them down as to hide our true selfs further, without even realizing it we turn topics around in a political manner and drawing on the race card etc… which furthers the hate card even more, we all as Humans on this Earth are guilty of this, at one point or another.
In the true sense of Race, there is no such word as we are all the same in life and that is a Human. The word “race” shouldn’t even exsist in our vocabulary, as it only breeds more hatred, as for most it is an excuse for them to deter their own issues, when we take this word race and mix it in a political fashion, this is nothing more than a recipe for diseaster, no matter how you look at it.
We in this Society have become so bitter, we can’t even see the real reality anymore, no matter where you go, you come across others talking negativly towards others and everything in their lives, go to the local diner and see what happens when a stranger enters in the door and even worse, if that stranger is wearing something that someone don’t like, this is what we have become and this is where all the hatred in this Society comes from.
We as Humans are our own worst enemy, it’s not a battle of different countries, it’s not even a battle of neighbors, determining where their property line ends, it is a battle of us as Humans and people of this Society. We as people will end life here on Earth, just because of all the bickering bitternes and all the hatred throughout this Planet.
We need to change ourselves and our ways, for our Society to grow and be healthy once again, everybody needs to stop hurting others for their own personal gain, this couldn’t be more true as in our Governments throughout all the countries, but is it us the people that vote them in, then do nothing except be bitter and start the negative chit chat towards them, if you can’t do the job, not only should you not run, but we the people should vote much smarter than what we have been doing.
We all as Humans walk our Journey’s of life, we may take our own paths, experience different things, but we all walk a journey, instead of boasting ourselves and saying our way is the best way, we need to teach each other, as we all have something to teach, whether big or small, then help each other instead of hurting one another, so we all can be happy, which will help our Society grow with strength.

“society grows with strength, when the people are happy in their journey”

“bitterness makes us sour, as happiness makes us all sweet with love”

We are Human, we are strong

There is a song out there called “Human” by Christine Perry, not to be confused with Katie Perry, Christine has this song Human and it is a very inspiring song, unlike some songs out there, you can actually listen and understand the words and really get a feeling of the message of the song.
Christine has a very strong and powerful voice and sings with plenty of confidence, love the fact she writes her own songs and plays the piano, never heard of her til a few weeks ago, but I strongly like her songs and singing.
This song called Human, is a very inspiring song with a strong message we all need throughout this Society, basically the song talks about us as Humans, yes we all make mistakes, yes we all have life events happen to us, whether large or small, but no matter the size of the mistake or the seriousness of the event and what’s put forth in front of us, we are Human and we can overcome anything that trys to take us down, all we need to do is want it bad enough, work hard at overcoming the situation and we will overcome anything.
We in this Society of “all about me” we are in now, has clouded us to the point of, we make dumb decisions and hide our true feelings and emotions, in order to portray to others we are strong and not weak, it is actually harder to live life with hidden feelings and emotions, cause they will come back to haunt us one day, which then makes our journey and lives much harder than they really need to be, when we stay true to ourselves, don’t hide our true feelings and emotions, our journey and lives will be full of happiness and love, which makes for an easier life moving forward.
We are Human, we are the most intelligent and smartest of the species on this planet Earth, but sometimes with our actions, we are the dumbest cause we don’t think things through, instead we react without thinking of the ramifications of our actions, we in this Society aren’t afraid of others, only we are afraid of ourselves and what others may think of us, when we stay true to ourselves, full of feelings and emotions, all the love we have will then be shared, which will make all the hate we see now, disappear from our exsistence, as there will be no more room for it.

” We react without thinking through the ramifications of our actions”

” We aren’t afraid of others, only we are afraid of ourselves and what others may think”

The Hollywood influence

We in this Society have become all about big Drama, Hollywood with all their TV shows and movies, have steered us in a direction that isn’t a true picture of what reality really is, you can say we have bought into their crap, we have bought in so much that we don’t even realize they are taking our money, just so all in Hollywood can live their plush lifestyles.
There is some good of Hollywood, don’t get me wrong, but the percent is very low, most of Hollywood is just there for us to pay for their exoticness, most of your reality shows isn’t reality at all, it is what Hollywood wants us to believe is reality, we the normal everyday folk, are what reality really is and Hollywood will never write, or make a movie of this, cause it won’t sell and make them money.
Then we have a President of the United States, who thinks the Presidency is all about being a Celebrity, newsflash…… President’s job is alot more than being a Celebrity, it’s a much harder job than you think and if you want to be a Celebrity, go to Hollywood and live in Fantasy World. This is whats wrong with Hollywood and our Society, as we have bought into this Drama and think we all can live like this.
Reality and Drama are two very different things, reality is our lives as we walk our Journey of Life and Drama is something none of us need and does nothing but create a Society of hate and fantasy, We are all guilty of creating some sort of Drama in our everyday lives and if it wasn’t there, our lives would be much better, but the way it is thrown at us by Hollywood, we can’t ignore it so we then proceed to join it, “if you can’t beat them, join them”, this quote is engrained in our brains, even without us realizing it, the way for us to change Hollywood, is to first change ourselves and how we look at everything around us, not just looking at the surface of things, but to really look at whats inside and what makes it tick, this is true for things as well as people around us.
God didn’t create this Planet and all it’s species, to be creating drama and a Society of hate, he created everything to coincide with each other, out of love, so we all can be happy and walk our Journey’s of life with strength, making each Society better along the Journey of Earth. Everything that is happening right now and all the tradgedies, are because God is not happy with us and what we are becoming, these are signs by him, for each of us to change, so his vision of his creation, can once again be a reality of the Planet Earth.

“If you can’t beat them, join them”
“creating drama is a fantasy, living our lives is true reality”

Cosmos the TV show, good food for thought

Cosmos on sunday night at 9:00p is a good imformative show, has alot of interesting information of the planet Earth, as well as from all over space and beyond.
This show gives us a good idea of where we came from, even before all Mankind, talks about how things happen before our time and how similar things are happening now, which solidifies the theory of our life cycle, a life cycle is a big circle we all travel along our journey of life.
This life cycle that makes up our lives, shows just how we as Humans have evolved through time, it shows just how smart we are, as well as highlight how dumb we can be also, throughout the history of the planet Earth, a lot of events have happened to Earth, much of these events are happening once again, but instead of “looking to the past, to see farther in the future”, we in this Society think that nothing will ever effect us like those of the past, cause we have become to arrogant, don’t take the time to see what is right in front of us and simply have only come to think of ourselves, instead of those around us.
The show Cosmos is good food for thought, it gives us a better understanding of how all species on Earth have survived here, since before Mankind, think about a Chef, he needs the right ingrediants to be able to create a gourmet meal, well we as Humans are very similar, as we need the right information in able to make ourselves better become stronger, so we don’t make the same mistakes as our Anchestor’s, in order for our Society to be better and stronger as well.
When we don’t make the same mistakes and learn from them, it not only helps ourselves, but helps our Society and all other Societies to come, but if we keep making the same mistakes, then life we know and life as we see it, will come to an end. This may never happen in the lifetime of some of us, but it is a harsh reality for some Societies down the path of Earth itself.
We as Humans are the smartest of the Species here on Earth, but we can also be so dumb with our actions and what we do with our knowledge, nobody ever said life was easy, there are no textbooks for us to read to make life easy also, life only seems easier when “we be safe and make good decisions”, it is our actions and how we learn from past mistakes, that we make our lives better and stronger, so all of Society will then be better and stronger.
When we really look at our Life Cycle, see where things went wrong in the past, we than can look at how to fix that link in the cycle, so all other Societies to come, don’t have to live through the same cycle mistakes, as those Societies before them. We as Humans can be so smart, but we take the easy way out, that shows just how lazy and dumb we can be.

” Looking to the past, to see farther in the future”

” We be safe and make good decisions”

” Cosmos may be a show, but it is the real Cosmos for us to learn and be better through life”

Rumor has it, we do get caught into it

We walk this Planet on our Journey of life, throughout the time of Mankind, we do so pretending we know it all, but do we really?
We are smart, we are unique in our own way, with all the different paths to chose from, we then chose our path to walk our journey’s, the journey is a long one and sometimes we get caught up in the trials and turbulation of this journey, we tend to second geuss ourselves and those around us, which then leads to kaos and not accepting who we really are, so as we meet others on our path, we then become someone we are not, to show we are strong, just to hide our weakness.
We hear things that are not really true, as these rumors are just that, chat about anything that gets other’s to believe in something that just don’t exsist, these rumors only become reality only when we don’t believe in ourselves, when we truely believe in ourselves and other’s we meet on our journey, these rumors won’t even exsist.
Rumor’s are a way for us to hide from reality, as we think they are protecting us from harm, but the true reality is, rumors make our reality and our journey’s even harder than they have to be, the easy way is to stay true to ourselves, then other’s can’t hurt us or bring harm to us in any way.
The trials and turbulation of walking our journey’s, are what keeps us strong from all harm, all we have to do is, stay true to ourselves, believe in ourselves and the harm won’t come to us.

” Rumors are just words, that deter us if we let them”
” Being true to ourselves, will keep us strong from all harm”

The 2014 Boston Bruins

I would like to start out by saying, thank you to the Bruins players, coaches, the front office staff and the management, for a great and exciting season, with a few player’s up for an award, as well as the organization for winning the President’s trophy.
This season like all others had it’s ups and downs, but when push came to shove the team achieved high honors, I have been a Bruins fan for my lifetime, I have also played the game and understand the ins and outs of the game, as well as the other side of the game, being the business side, to be able to compete in this NHL of today, you must evolve and by evolve I mean change as well as adapt like all the other teams.
My earliest memory of the Bruins, was Bobby Orr flying through the air, on a pass from Derek “Turk” Sanderson, for the winning goal in the 1970 Stanley Cup finals, I have been a true fan since and have seen many stars wear the spoked “B”, the Bruins have seen it’s share of NHL stars to wear the B and I am sure they will see many more in the future.
Now as these 2014 playoffs come to a close for the organization, of which I was very excited to see another Stanley cup come to Boston, as this team was good enough to do this, I am also disapointed on how they came to a close, in my opinion this team just simply imploded at the wrong time, letting the other team get in their heads and taking bad penelties, even though the officiating was fair at best, I do feel very bad for Iggy as this was his best shot at a Championship and do hope he comes back for another run with the Bruins, this team is well coached has it’s good core group of player’s starting with Patrice Bergeron, but does need to change some ingrediants, in order to make the product a gourmet delight once again.
With change comes some resistence, but it is change well worth making to be better and stronger moving forward, first I would start with Brad Marchand as his reputation has gone sour and hurts his team with bad penelties, on defense with a healthy Seidenberg, I would take Mcquaid, Bartkowski and Mezarros, trade them for stronger and better “D” men, that can handle the puck and quarterback the powerplay very much like a Ray Bourque, with Chara getting older, start thinking about making Patrice the captain and using Chara in key situations, which will bring down his minuates on the ice, Chara still has some to give, just not what a younger Chara would give, build the “D” around Boychuk, Hamilton Krug and Seidenberg.
For Marchand, I would add Caron to the mix and go after younger seasoned veterns, that would fit the system and the team mentality attitude and know how to find the back of the net, Lootch is a great power forward that plays with an edge, I just think that he went over that edge and wasn’t effective like he usally is, can he still be that guy? Yes he can play with that edge without going over the edge and Lootch will once again be a true power forward, 3rd line was awesome to watch and with Kelly back will make them better, just have Fraser waiting in Providence and let Caron go with Marchand trade, these ideas of mine sound good and will make the team better moving forward, change sometimes is difficult, but when done correctly, is the best for everybody moving forward,

” Boston Bruins are a great team and organization, that helps a community heal at troubled times”

Hockey playoffs in 7th Heaven

Playoffs in any sport has it’s own persona about them, Hockey playoffs and a game 7 winner take all game, is like no other sport on the planet.
Hockey is so fast paced and full of action, that to some of the watcher’s, they just can’t follow the game and chose a less action kind of sport like Baseball, but to those who know the game of Hockey, this is the most exciting part of the season.
The NHL player’s who have the chance to take part in these playoffs and experience a game 7, gives them all a sense of pride and a shot of adreniline, none of them want to loss this game, but unfortunatly there has to be a winner and a loser, the Coaches of these teams coach their players to be ready and follow the game plan for a win, it is ultimitly up to the players to execute the the game plan, stay true to the system and play to their strengths, to give themselves and their teammates a chance to win this game 7, than move on to the next round.
Each round of the playoffs becomes more and more intense, as it is a step closer to the Holy Grail of Hockey, Lord’s Stanley Cup. Not only is this trophy the Holy Grail of Hockey, it is also the most convenant of all trophies in all sports, for one big reason, it is the hardest to win.
You have four 7 game series, which the goal on “mission sixteen” is, to win 16 times, the team that does this will win Lord’s Stanley Cup, but along the journey of “mission 16” you have 16 other teams all playing for this goal, unlike Football where it’s one and done, you have to win 4 out of 7, to advance to next round, with the hardest win of each series, being the 4th win, cause the other team will leave everything on the ice, just to stop you from winning it.
Hockey playoffs for those true diehard fans, is the best time of the season, for the player’s it’s about taking what you learned through the regular season, with your teammates that have become like family and applying all the good, to be the best each and every game through the playoffs, for the Coaches it’s about keeping the team focused, while playing to the system and their strengths, picking apart the other teams weaknesses and showing the team where to excel, plus for the Coaches it is exciting watching their player’s execute and excel, on the journey of “mission 16”.
Hockey is the coolest game on ice, with the playoffs being nail biting intense action for all the fans, yes like all sports, you have that bandwagon fan that thinks they know the game, or worse create a feeling of uneasy throughout the sport, that leads to negativity, it happens and we can’t control that, but what we can control is ourselves the true fan, as we watch this great game, the way it is suppose to be watched, we route for our favorite teams and mine happens to be the Boston Bruins, so as I watch game 7 between the Bruins and Canadiens, I watch as a true Hockey fan and a person that “Bleeds Black and Gold”.

” Go Bruins on your journey of mission 16″
” Let the Canadiens go back to doubting themselves”

Do we truely know ourselves or one another

                Life as we see it isn’t really as easy as we think it is, there are many components that even today we take for granted.

       From a young Toddler we are brought up with high expectations, nobody wants to see their children, let alone themselves get left behind, simply because they don’t measure up, we set goals sometimes so high, we never achieve them then live with regret for not accomplishing them, some may take on tasks even when they know nothing of that task, than live a lie to others to try to fit in with the normal people, “normal people”? what exactly is this? There is no such thing, as we are all Humans and are unique in our own way, some may take a lifetime to find this uniqueness, while others just simply fall into it, the Journey of life is full of different paths, that test us to see if we see the signs of life, this is God’s way of helping us to build our character and to just simply be ourselves, not something/someone we are not.

     In this Society when someone is looked at by other’s as different, we then look at them as outkasts, without understanding of how they really feel and who they are on the inside, we then make fun of them and simply ignore them, just to try to show other’s we are “normal”? All we are really doing is pushing our own hurt deeper inside ourselves, so we can move forward on our journey and keeping the lie of who we really are going.

     While we walk our Journey of Life, we get caught up in what other’s think we are, instead of who we really are? this has been going on since the beginning of Mankind, we may never be able to control it, but what we can do is, just simply understand it, so we can all be happier on our Journey’s.

     We all have a purpose in life, it is up to ourselves to find that purpose and to see the signs of life, that God has put before us, these signs are right in front of us, we just have to take the time to acknowledge them, so we can truely see what we are looking for, God created this planet and all it’s creatures, not for us to fail but to succeed in everything, it is us as Humans that are twisting God’s vision the wrong way, which does nothing but force us into being something/someone we are not.

      The Journey of Life to some is longer than other’s, it is us as Humans that make it harder than it has to, just be yourself, find your purpose and meaning in life, so the journey will be meaningful and not full of sorrow or regret.


“Life should be fun, not of sorrow and regret”