Remembering the treadgedy of the Boston Marathon

The year anniversary of this senseless tradgedy is quickly approaching, this was an act by two cowards that are to weak to face anybody face to face, so they chose a way, that inflicts fear, not only of their victims, but those around them as well.
These Cowards are nothing more than a Bully, that each of us has encountered at some point in our lives, these Bully’s only think of theirselves and have no true empathy, for anybody or anything, so they use “FEAR” to give themselves a feeling of empowerment over all of us.
Whether it’s a Bully or a Terrorist, they are one in the same, with the same objective and thats to inflict fear, in all they encounter.
A good way to remember this and to help all heal, is to show these Bully’s, by standing up to them, continue walking our journey’s without missing a beat, honoring those affected by this senseless tradgedy, by showing the Bully’s/Terrorists you will not control us anymore.
Throughout all this of the Boston marathon tradgedy, there was a message we all have sort of foregotton, as we moved forward and back to our “Individual” ways, this message was by a young boy, 8 years old and lost his life from this senseless tradgedy, his name was Martin Richards and the message was a sign he was holding, which the media showed, but didn’t really pay to much attention to, this message was written on the sign, “stop hurting people……peace”.
“stop hurting people……peace”. this is a message an 8 year old was trying to give us, think about it? With all the hatred within this Society, everywhere you turn and where ever you go, there is so much hatred in our lives, you wonder just how love and empathy survive? This starts with each one of us, just look in the mirror and really do a sole cleanseing of one self, each one of us, have something deep inside ourselves to fix, all this hatred can be fixed, when each of us fix ourselves, as we do this, then all the hatred will disappear and love and empathy will come back to us, so we can continue on our journey with happiness.
All this from an 8 year old boy, named Martin Richards, a boy with a simple message and easy to remember, we may of overlooked it a year ago, cause through a Society of “all about me”, we only take care of ourselves before anything/anybody else, let’s never forget these words by Martin Richards and make them part of all our lives forever, as we continue walking our journey’s.

“Stop hurting people…….peace”
****Martin Richards******

Change happens, we adapt to change

Throughout this planet Earth and all living, breatheing Beings that exsist within it, change will affect each one of us everyday.
“Change happens to us all, we adapt to it and move forward”. Change can come to us in many different ways, some may be very hard to accept and we will resist, this is normal cause it is who we are, some change is mild, which we adapt to very easily, no matter how change comes to us, it is how we adapt to it that makes us stronger, so we can walk our journey in happiness, throughout our exsistence on this planet Earth.
Sometimes in life we get stuck in our comfortable ways, this makes us resist any kind of change, it is normal to feel this way, which makes any kind of change difficult to deal with, we all have our daily routines that keeps us safe from any harm, especially when we have been hurt in the past, it is fine and normal for this, but when we want to move forward with strength and confidence, we need change to do this, yes we will struggle at the beginning, but as we do it change will help us move forward with the strength and confidence on our journey.
Change is good for all of us, when we do it in the right way and for the right reasons, when we resist change, is when we get stuck and move forward, with no direction or purpose, then all our past problems just simply compound and makes our journey harder than it has to be, which then we find that the hurt we try to protect ourselves from, gets even more painful over time.
The choices we make and the paths we take along our journey, is how change comes to us and how we let it affect us, to either relieve the hurt or let it keep compounding, We are in total control of our journey, the paths we take, the choices we make and how we make the changes needed, so we can be happy with the strength to keep moving forward on our journey, the choice is ours, to make the right changes, so we can move forward with the strength and confidence, to walk our journey in happiness and empathy of ourselves and those around us.

Seeing the message or the sign

We are all on a Journey through our lives, we take seperate paths throughout our journey, this shows just how unique we all are, when we are born into this World we are a small child, what we tend to forget as we grow is this child always stays within us.
This little child within us alot of times gets neglected as we grow into an adult, sometimes we do this consciously cause we try to fit into a Society so we don’t get left behind, but other times we do this subconsciously, cause we had a life event happen to us, that brought us great pain and all we want to do is bury it, so we become something we are not, in order to keep from getting hurt further.
As we move forward on our Journey, whether we acknowledge our child or not, there are always going to be challenge and tradgedies along the way, like here in the Boston, Massachusetts area, with the death of those two Fireman, we around here have been through a very emotional last 48 hours, some of us may not be effected and move on with no change and keep a selfish aurora about them, other’s may chose to change for the good of themselves and all around them, this is who we are as Human Beings, that child inside us whether we chose to acknowledge, will always be inside us as God puts forth his message to us all,
God is always there, that child inside us is our higher power, that God put inside us so when we acknowledge it, we will see God’s messages and signs before us, that child will also help us to move forward during troubled times, when temptation trys to tempt us, it’s that child that helps us fight temptation off, yes temptation will be there in all our lives, another name for this temptation is, the Devil or Saten and when we give in, it will control us, unless we stay in touch with our true selves and our inner child.
After the death of those two Brave Fireman in Boston, that message we need to see is, ” when we acknowledge our inner child and walk our journey’s on the path of rightousness, our journey will be full of happiness and strength”.
Society is made up of all of us working together, we may take different paths, but together our Society will be strong and not weak, like a Society of selfishness, which only makes us lonely, so as we walk our Journey’s, let’s do so in a way of helping each other, reaching out with a helping hand when other’s fall, to help them up as they walk their journey, this is the vision God had when he created this Planet and all it’s Being’s within it. “Selfishness only leads to lonliness and is the wrong path to a healthy Journey”.

Losing a loved one/Losing a Hero

As each and everyone of us walk a Journey within life, we chose a path in which to walk and no matter which path you chose, we all deal with Loss, whether it’s a loved one, or it’s someone within our community that has been lost, that has a position in which he puts himself in danger, to help his fellow neighbor, is never easy for anybody.
These loved ones and hero’s, make us all feel heavy in the heart, we ask the question why? These things happen and are a part of all our lives, the pain goes deep within us, the tears flow, our eyes filled with water, that soak into our souls, each of us deal with it very different, some may never get over it, other’s keep their memory alive deep within their own heart, as they move forward in their lives.
We may never figure out why they get taken so soon, all we can do is move forward in their honor, with all the memories staying close to us, as we wipe the tears so we can see, all we need to do is, look towards God, to see the sign he has given us, for us to move forward in our lives and as we come to grips that our loved one/hero is not around any more.
As we walk our Journey through life, we will always come across difficult times we can’t explain, have us ask ourselves why? These times will derail us if we let them, force us to take a different path, that makes us someone we really are not and lead us on a journey to nowhere, during these times, we need to be stronger than we have ever been, have trust in other’s that can support us and look for the sign or signs, that God has put before us, so we can get through it and move forward, with strength and happiness.
The heavy hearts and all the tears, are just temporary with the loss of a loved one/hero, as we move forward with strength and happiness and share it with other’s around us, is how we all heal within a Society, so we all can walk our journey’s in life, with strength and confidence, showing our loved one/hero, you may be gone, but never foregotton.

Being taken advantage of/ being controlled

We in this Society have become a Society of, controling others to leap forward for our own personal gain, there is an old saying we have forgotton, ” don’t step on another man’s shoes, to mess up his shine”.
When you step on another man’s shoes and mess up his shine, you are not only causing them to reshine their shoes, but you are also hurting them deeply inside, as you move forward, without having a care at all for that person’s hurt. You are also taken advantage of their hurt, for your personal gain, which in the laws of God you have committed a sin and one day that sin will come back to haunt you, when you least expect it.
One of the biggest places in business this takes place, is when we go buy a vehicle. These people in the dealership, are nothing more than leetch’s that prey on other’s, or take advantage of, so they can sell you a vehicle, they do things to the vehicles to make them run great at purchase, then after a few months, now the car starts acting up so you have to bring the vehicle back to them, spend more money with them to fix? All the while, they keep telling you thngs that keeps you coming back. They do cosmetic things to the vehicle, to hide the real problems of the vehicle, so the vehicle looks and runs good at first, meanwhile they gain your trust, so they can swoop in and take advantage of you, at a time when you are most vulnerable, these people do this and do not even blink at the fact that they are doing it, because all they want is your money in their pocket.
We all go through life walking our journey, we may take different paths, which shows how we as Humans are so unique, when we come to cross roads in our paths, we then make choices as to which path to take, along these paths there are bumps and hurdles, that we learn to overcome, we also suffer some life events that derail us for a time, so what we do not need is for other’s to mess up our shoe shine, as through life we tend to mess up our own from time to time, God didn’t supply us with a text book through our journey, but he did send his only son to us, to show us the rightous path, he sends us signs, that is up to us to see, but in a Society of “all about me” and “take advantage of other’s for personal gain”, it is hard to see those signs.
The Society we live needs to change, but the way it is suppose to change is, we as Individuals need to change or fix ourselves, as it is all of us together that make up a Society. We need to be true to ourselves, not step on another man’s shine and accept who we are and not who we think we are, until we do this Society as we know it, will fall and never change, to become a better Society, than those previous.