Bruins/Canadians rivalry

To those not familiar with Hockey, the Bruins and Canadians rivalry is one that is 2nd to none, this is a rivalery thay is so intense it will leaves you at the end of your seat, pulling your hair out at each push of the skate blade, biting your finger nails til they disappear, the action is so hot, I am surprised the ice don’t melt at these temperatures.
My Earliest memories of this rivalery, is one that I try to forget being a Bruins fan, it was 1971 and the Montreal Canadians had a rookie goaltender, that had stole the series from the Bruins, who were favorites to win it all and not only that, would of been three championships in a row, this goalies name was, Ken Dryden and to me this rivalery was born.
Every time these teams play each other, whether it’s the regular season or the playoffs, it is like the Stanley Cup is on the line each and every time, everyone involved from the organizations, to the fans, the coaching staffs and the player’s, take this rivalery to the next level with adrenaline pumping at every push of the skate, it is like a battle between the Hatfields and Mcoy’s.
Even the sports Media of both City’s kick it up a notch, to the point of building up the drama so much, it is like World War 3 has started each time they meet, sometimes the Media’s can go overboard, but I geuss it’s their job and they don’t want to lose it, whenever these teams meet it is always well worth the price of admission, how ironic the Canadian goalies name is Carey “Price”, maybe another story line for the media there?
My whole life has been about the Boston Bruins, as I “bleed black and gold”, these colors are number one for me, instead of the colors of the other Boston teams, a hockey player is a different breed, then players of other sport’s, they are more of the blue collar worker breed, than all other sports.
Hockey is a fast paced sport and when played correctly, with no embellishing or cheap shots, it is to me the best sport of them all, it is a “team” sport with emphasis on “team”, as it takes 25 guys on the same page to be a serious contender for Lord Stanley’s cup, a team of “Individuals” is just that and a team that is easily beaten, a team that plays as one, to their strengths and to the strength of the system is a team very hard to beat, this makes other teams struggeling, to get match ups they like.
This Bruins team of 2014, is one of the best teams I have seen in my lifetime, this is saying alot as the team with the legend Bobby Orr on it, were a team that could dominate every time they took the ice. My gut says this team will reach the promise land this year, this promise land is, Lord Stanley’s cup, the ritual as a player is, never touch the cup til you won it, as this could jinx you from winning it, when the player’s win this cup, you can say you have conquered the mountain, cause the competition to win it, is like no other sport, you literally leave it all on the ice by the end of “Mission 16”, Mission 16 is, it takes 16 wins in the playoffs to win it.
I love the Bruins and will always root for this team, win lose or draw, I am a true fan and do hope they reach their goal of the promise land this year of 2014.

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