Bigotry and Racism

Bigotry and Racism are two words that should be erased from our dictionaries and memories. as these two words are the root of all the hatred in our Society.
In the days of my childhood, there was a T.V. show called, Archie Bunker, now at the time it was a very popular show, as it made fun of these words, but what people tend to forget, shows like this have laid the foundation to what is happenning today.
Bigotry and Racism comes in all ways, it is any kind of disrespect toward any one of us, no matter what your background, as a child you can go out to play with your friends and have them simply talk down to you, a father can come home after a long hard days work and say things to his family, that disrespects them as well, any kind of hatred we show towards each other, is a form of Bigotry and Racism.
What the L.A. Clippers owner did, was basically a modern day Archie Bunker and in this day and age, you would think we as Humans would be much smarter by now? The swift action of the NBA Commissioner was just, cause the only option for this owner is sell the team, then maybe curl away and never walk with the rest of Society again.
We as Humans are the biggest problem within this Society, as we show many forms of hatred everyday, instead of showing love and empathy of one another, drive in any city during rush hour, then tell me you don’t see any hatred anywhere? My point exactly, then as we deal with it in one place, we than bring it to another and etc… It is a never ending battle, cause we let it consume us, may what the NBA Commissioner did, become more of the norm, we in this Society need to be smarter and treat each other with respect, dignity and love, so all this hatred will cease to exsist.

” Bigotry and Racism is the main root of Hatred, let’s yank this root out forever, so we can move forward with Love and Empathy”

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