The End is really just a fresh Start

What we think of as being the end, is only a fresh start and a chance to change, so we can be better and stronger moving forward.
As we walk our Journey of Life, we do so on a path we chose, with multiple chapters to add along the way, but as we end each chapter, we tend to forget that it is not the ending, only the start of a new chapter.
We need not look at it as the ending, we should look at it as, when we enter a new chapter, look at the end of this chapter, then ask how do I reach that ending? By setting a goal in which to achieve.
Sometimes we get lost and lose sight of where we are going on our Journey, which makes setting small attainable goals so important, so we can feel good of ourselves, in which will help us move forward with strength and be better along our Journey.
When other’s try to knock us down, just smile and show them love, instead of stooping to their level of hate, which will show them, you can’t hurt me and they will move on, which will help us move forward with confidence.
God’s vision of us, what that of love and to help each other grow, when we stay true to this vision and true to ourselves, other’s around us will see this and want to follow us, so they to can move forward with strength and be better, when we stay true to God’s vision, this Society will then be based on love and empathy, instead of out of hatred.

” Don’t look at it as an ending, only see it as a fresh start to a new chapter”

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