NHL playoffs and the Boston Bruins

The NHL playoffs are the best showing of teams in all of sports. There is so much action and at such a fast pace, makes it difficult for even the most knowledgable of minds to follow 100%, it also proves that Lord Stanley cup, is the most prestigous of all the Championship trophy’s.
With that said, it also takes a “team” that is well coached to go deep into the playoffs, this is not a sport that Individuals can take a team to the promised land, they may win all the “individual” stats, but that one prize will always elude them, when you see the word individual, the word team doesn’t even come to mind, there have been some great Individuals that have played the game of hockey, yet very few of them have achieved the promised land, without a great team around them.
The Boston Bruins of 2014 have a great team and are well coached. They may have a few Individuals that are reckcognized as the best at their position, lead the way by the best two way player in the game in Patrice Bergeron, but even he knows without his teammates having his back, he would be nothing without them, it is alot easier to defend a team of Individuals, rather a team that plays together and to their strengths.
The Boston Bruins are a “team”, that has a great core of player’s, coached by a great coach in Claude Julien, with his coaching staff to support him, what makes a great coach, is his system and the team buying into that system, these core player’s for the Bruins have bought in and have helped other teammates buy in as well, when they are playing as a team, with all four lines rolling, it makes it hard for other teams to defend and this season has proved that, with the Bruins earning the President’s trophy, even with this trophy if you talk to anybody on this team, they are not done yet as they want the promised land in Lord Stenley cup.
I would have to say that, this is Claude’s finest hour as the head coach of this team, he has the whole team bought into his system, unlike years past with a few “Individuals”, that simply refuse to buy in, which makes this a dangerous “Team” moving forward, when they are on their game, they wear down their opponents and still have some legs left to go on the offense and score some goals, you may not have one or two player’s that lead the league in scoring, but what you have is a Team that has multiple player’s with multiple goals and a goalie good enough to win games for you as well.
These Boston Bruins as a team and with a great coaching staff, have the potential to be a contender every year and with these 2014 stanley cup playoffs under way, the way the Bruins are playing now, make them a favorite to get to the promised land, of Lord’s Stanley cup and reap the benefits of all their hard work.

” Go Bruins may you reach your goal of the promised land, in Lord Stanley’s world and beyond”

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