Open minded as to close minded

We as Humans are so unique in our selves, we are so smart, but yet we can be so dumb as well, when we are open minded, there is no end to what we can learn, do and become, when we are close minded, then our sights become like tunnel vision and we close everything and everuone around us.
Open minds are exactly that, they absorb everything around us, so we can than learn and be stronger as we walk our paths in life, sometimes in life there are things that happen, that challenge us and affect who we are, just that with an open mind, we can accept these things, learn to adapt to them and change ourselves, when we see necessary, so we can than move forward on our path, in our journey of life.
Close minds, are those that shut everything and anyone out, in order to keep ourselves from further or any harm, when we have close minds, it usally comes from a life event, that has scorned us in a bad way, we tend to shut ourselves off from everything and everyone around us, in the way of suppression of our true feelings and emotions, so we can prevent further harm coming to us, but the reality of it we are doing nothing but, hurting ourselves and those around us even more, we can’t see this or feel this, because we do not want to and all our true feelings have been suppressed deep inside our own bodies, plus this close mindedness of our Society, only breeds all the hatred we see today.
Open minds will breed, connecting, true feelings, learning and adapting, while close minds will breed, hatred, no feelings and being discriminatory towards all in our path, it is easy to be close minded as it takes no effort, but when we all work at being open minded, not only will we ourselves be better and stronger, so will our Society be better and stronger, with 0% of hate and 100% of love and empathy, towards ourselves and all those around us.

” Open minds will create, as close minds will destroy”.

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