Coruption… Greed and Temptation along our Journey of Life

We all walk a Journey in our lifetime, we may take different paths with different trials and turbulation, but we all walk a journey from when we are born into this world, til we come to our last day.
No matter what path you take, life’s journey has it’s rough times as well as it’s good times, it is how we as Individuals handle these times, that will determine our destiny.
All through the times of Mankind, each Society is made up of Individuals that they to walk a journey of life, Jesus also walked his journey when he came to us, like those times we also have our rough times like, coruption, greed and temptation and if we let them, they will control us and force us to be somebody we are not.
Coruption is nothing but a strong word, that creates much hatred and forces us to step on other’s for personal gain, Greed is the root of all evil and forces us to do things, we regret later as time goes by, Temptation is a powerful word that will consume us 100%, control every ounce of energy we have and force us to do things that we know are wrong, no matter where you turn in our Society, temptation is there waiting to grab hold of us, Jesus was tempted by Saten along his journey, said he could rule the entire planet, Jesus stayed true to himself and the Lord God, resisted temptation and lead us to the promise land, showing us that when we have faith and believe in him, spread his love and word, stay true to ourselves, we to can achieve this promised land.
Coruption, Greed and Temptation are powerful forces, that Saten uses to control each of us and when we let them, they will consume our heart and soul, they will make us become someone we are not, do things we regret normally, but in the clutches of Saten, we do them with no feelings or remorse, through Saten there is much hatred, through Jesus there is much love, with no sign of this hate, all we need to do is, be true to ourselves, show our love of self toward all we encounter, have complete faith and belief in God and his son Jesus, with this we walk the path of rightousness along our Journey of life and as we near the end of the journey, Jesus will provide us the promise land and a place we can be totally happy, without worrying of Coruption, Greed and Temptation.

” coruption, greed and temptation are just words, it is us that give these words power, if we let them consume us”.

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