Today’s job search, not what it used to be

          Today’s job search is so much different than what it used to be, I remember the days when I would walk in the back door, go to the person in charge, tell them what I can do and this is how I can help you, then be working the next day, now a days you can’t even walk in the front door, as this door door stays locked with the other’s.

            No matter what you have for experience, if you go in for the interview and they see you are old, yes they will be nice but only ask a couple questions, say we will call you and never hear from them again, even when you do call multiple follow ups? This is the job search of today and you can only get in the door, if you know someone, or you are willing to take a big reduction in pay.

            There is no more two way street anymore in the job search, the seeker has to bend over backwards to try to get employed, the employer’s do nothing, not even a phone call with a simple yes or a no. Fair? There is no more fair anymore and it’s all about the Employer 24/7. This is what happens when greed gets the better of you, you care for nothing but more money and the little people pay the biggest price, in this new game of the “job market”.

              The Corporations have all the power right now and more people are suffering because of it, you think the job market and our Society need to change? In a big way soon, or all the little people won’t be so free to do what they want anymore, won’t be able to afford the “American Dream” anymore, and all cause the corporate Executives want all the money and power to live their plush lifestyles and have total control over everybody and everything. These Exec’s only care for themselves, which when they retire, they will have no one around them to enjoy their lifestyle with them.

               In this Society of all about me, it is exactly that, which in a nutshell is a very lonely Society, that breeds all this hatred in our everyday lives today, the love and the empathy of today is almost extinct, the biggest reason of this is, the broken society we are in today, to change this broken society, takes work by each and every one of us that walk this planet, so we can fix what is wrong and all our journey’s will be of, happiness, love and strength, when we love and are happy, then the corporations will open their doors once again, to fill the open positions, so we all can prosper to make this Society great once again, which will help the one way street of the job market, go back to the two way street and create even more jobs then ever before.



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