A Child scorned, is a strong child that waits to be released

We all start out our Journey of life very much the same way, we are brought into this world by two Individuals, who deeply love each other and show that love by coming together and creating a child, that is a symbol of that love.
From a child to adulthood, there are a wide range of learning, trials and errors that happen along the way, sometimes the parent’s grow apart and that child then is brought up by one Individual, which is almost vertually impossible for one to do, as even with two parent’s, it is a huge job and takes 100% focus and energy, with love it makes it a bit easier.
When we are a small child and yes we all have life events happen, these events sometimes get overwhelming for a child to comprehand, cause at that age our minds and brains are still developing, but when they do happen, we get lost and confused to the point we simply don’t fully develop, without realizing what we are doing, we suppress our true feelings and emotions so our pain will go away, then as we grow older we don’t know how to truely feel, or get emotional to where we know how to fix ourselves, so we just move forward with no direction and hide who we really are, as we portray a fake self, so other’s won’t look at us funny.
Our life Journey is never easy, there are no books to learn from, we learn through trial and error which is what makes us stronger to succeed, anybody that says life is easy, really hasn’t lived their life fully, but as we grow from a young child, that child always stays within us on our Journey, that child guides us through life and when we become lost, so does that child and until we forgive that child, we will never be able to forgive ourselves, which makes our pain deepen so far within us, that we then become numb to any pain.
When we truly forgive that child and ourselves from all the harm as we grow, it is then the child can be released and grow stronger, which not only makes us as Individuals stronger, but makes our Society stronger as well, full of love and empathy of each other.

” A child scorned, becomes stronger along the Journey of life and beyond, with total forgiveness”

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