Let there be Peace on Earth

A day of Healing today, throughout the city of Boston and beyond. We remember that senseless tradgedy one year ago at the Boston Marathon, with all the stories and the speeches of our elected officials, this touches a nerve within all of us, whether you were at the Marathon or not.
We all as Humans have had some sort of Life event happen to us in one way shape or form, these events or tradgedies touch us in ways we struggle to explain, some of us try to quickly forget, so we tend to hide a good piece of ourselves in order to move forward, all the while we hurt deeply inside, we never let our true feelings and emotions show, for “fear” of being harmed again, this powerful ceremony at the Hynes Auditorium was all that, “POWERFUL”.
I ask God, let there be peace to come to all of us, let us all watch this ceremony and say to ourselves, “it’s okay to grieve, it’s okay to feel and have emotion, it is okay to cry, so we all can be stronger”, some of us who were’nt even at the marathon, have connected to all those victims, may God give us all the strength, not just to heal, but to keep these connections well connected, so we can fix ourselves, so we can help Society fix itself.
Yes we all hurt in our own way, tradgedies like the Marathon will always happen, it is us as Individuals that no matter how they affect us, we stand up, talk about them and move forward, to be stronger and better then ever before, #bostonstrong.
Never hide your true feelings and emotions, always let them show, as these true feelings and emotions will define who we become, when we all stay true to ourselves, show love and empathy of each other, no matter what that may cross our path, on our journey of life, we will find that “hate” will cease to exsist and our Society will grow, be strong and better than it will ever be, #bostonstrong to all and let us all remember the words of 8 year old Martin Richard, “stop hurting people……peace”.

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