Resurrection for all throughout our journey

As we embark on another Holy week, leading up to Easter sunday, we do so thinking of Jesus and his journey, when he came to us, showing the path of rightousness.
When you look back to the Society before Jesus, you will see a very broken society, a time where the rich had total power and control over it’s people, a time where greed took over the minds and decision making of the rich, to where the average people paid deerly for, this is the path our Society is headed, if we don’t change now.
Let us enter this Holy week of 2014, to truely fix ourselves, change what we have become, so our Society can change not just for the top 10%, but for each and every one of us that walk ” the journey of life”.
Resurrection is not just for Jesus, after he sacrifised for us, then was buried and was resurrected, showing the journey will continue, Resurrection is not just when we die from this Earth, Resurrection is also when we end one chapter of our lives, so we can start a new and improved chapter, it all starts with us Individually, then spreads throughout our Society.
The tradgedy of the Boston Marathon Bombing shows that, the ones who perished have resurrected into each of us in one way or another, a city has changed as well as the surrounding communities and a new chapter is among us, it’s safe to say, ” we in the Boston area, have resurrected to the new chapter”, as we move forward on this new chapter, let us never forget the words written on a sign, from a young 8 year old boy named Martin Richard, ” Stop hurting people….. Peace”.
These words will be the start of this new chapter, to help us and our Society be stronger and happier, showing much love and empathy of each other, with not even a glance at the word “hate”. Let us also take the slogan #bostonstrong to a bigger level, #societystrong so we all as we walk our journey’s, can do so with this new strength and a big smile in true happiness, Holy week is a time for all of us to reflect, so we can move forward stronger and better then ever before.

” Resurrection is not just death, but also as we start a new chapter in our lives, on our Journey”.

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