Remembering the treadgedy of the Boston Marathon

The year anniversary of this senseless tradgedy is quickly approaching, this was an act by two cowards that are to weak to face anybody face to face, so they chose a way, that inflicts fear, not only of their victims, but those around them as well.
These Cowards are nothing more than a Bully, that each of us has encountered at some point in our lives, these Bully’s only think of theirselves and have no true empathy, for anybody or anything, so they use “FEAR” to give themselves a feeling of empowerment over all of us.
Whether it’s a Bully or a Terrorist, they are one in the same, with the same objective and thats to inflict fear, in all they encounter.
A good way to remember this and to help all heal, is to show these Bully’s, by standing up to them, continue walking our journey’s without missing a beat, honoring those affected by this senseless tradgedy, by showing the Bully’s/Terrorists you will not control us anymore.
Throughout all this of the Boston marathon tradgedy, there was a message we all have sort of foregotton, as we moved forward and back to our “Individual” ways, this message was by a young boy, 8 years old and lost his life from this senseless tradgedy, his name was Martin Richards and the message was a sign he was holding, which the media showed, but didn’t really pay to much attention to, this message was written on the sign, “stop hurting people……peace”.
“stop hurting people……peace”. this is a message an 8 year old was trying to give us, think about it? With all the hatred within this Society, everywhere you turn and where ever you go, there is so much hatred in our lives, you wonder just how love and empathy survive? This starts with each one of us, just look in the mirror and really do a sole cleanseing of one self, each one of us, have something deep inside ourselves to fix, all this hatred can be fixed, when each of us fix ourselves, as we do this, then all the hatred will disappear and love and empathy will come back to us, so we can continue on our journey with happiness.
All this from an 8 year old boy, named Martin Richards, a boy with a simple message and easy to remember, we may of overlooked it a year ago, cause through a Society of “all about me”, we only take care of ourselves before anything/anybody else, let’s never forget these words by Martin Richards and make them part of all our lives forever, as we continue walking our journey’s.

“Stop hurting people…….peace”
****Martin Richards******

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