Change happens, we adapt to change

Throughout this planet Earth and all living, breatheing Beings that exsist within it, change will affect each one of us everyday.
“Change happens to us all, we adapt to it and move forward”. Change can come to us in many different ways, some may be very hard to accept and we will resist, this is normal cause it is who we are, some change is mild, which we adapt to very easily, no matter how change comes to us, it is how we adapt to it that makes us stronger, so we can walk our journey in happiness, throughout our exsistence on this planet Earth.
Sometimes in life we get stuck in our comfortable ways, this makes us resist any kind of change, it is normal to feel this way, which makes any kind of change difficult to deal with, we all have our daily routines that keeps us safe from any harm, especially when we have been hurt in the past, it is fine and normal for this, but when we want to move forward with strength and confidence, we need change to do this, yes we will struggle at the beginning, but as we do it change will help us move forward with the strength and confidence on our journey.
Change is good for all of us, when we do it in the right way and for the right reasons, when we resist change, is when we get stuck and move forward, with no direction or purpose, then all our past problems just simply compound and makes our journey harder than it has to be, which then we find that the hurt we try to protect ourselves from, gets even more painful over time.
The choices we make and the paths we take along our journey, is how change comes to us and how we let it affect us, to either relieve the hurt or let it keep compounding, We are in total control of our journey, the paths we take, the choices we make and how we make the changes needed, so we can be happy with the strength to keep moving forward on our journey, the choice is ours, to make the right changes, so we can move forward with the strength and confidence, to walk our journey in happiness and empathy of ourselves and those around us.

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