Seeing the message or the sign

We are all on a Journey through our lives, we take seperate paths throughout our journey, this shows just how unique we all are, when we are born into this World we are a small child, what we tend to forget as we grow is this child always stays within us.
This little child within us alot of times gets neglected as we grow into an adult, sometimes we do this consciously cause we try to fit into a Society so we don’t get left behind, but other times we do this subconsciously, cause we had a life event happen to us, that brought us great pain and all we want to do is bury it, so we become something we are not, in order to keep from getting hurt further.
As we move forward on our Journey, whether we acknowledge our child or not, there are always going to be challenge and tradgedies along the way, like here in the Boston, Massachusetts area, with the death of those two Fireman, we around here have been through a very emotional last 48 hours, some of us may not be effected and move on with no change and keep a selfish aurora about them, other’s may chose to change for the good of themselves and all around them, this is who we are as Human Beings, that child inside us whether we chose to acknowledge, will always be inside us as God puts forth his message to us all,
God is always there, that child inside us is our higher power, that God put inside us so when we acknowledge it, we will see God’s messages and signs before us, that child will also help us to move forward during troubled times, when temptation trys to tempt us, it’s that child that helps us fight temptation off, yes temptation will be there in all our lives, another name for this temptation is, the Devil or Saten and when we give in, it will control us, unless we stay in touch with our true selves and our inner child.
After the death of those two Brave Fireman in Boston, that message we need to see is, ” when we acknowledge our inner child and walk our journey’s on the path of rightousness, our journey will be full of happiness and strength”.
Society is made up of all of us working together, we may take different paths, but together our Society will be strong and not weak, like a Society of selfishness, which only makes us lonely, so as we walk our Journey’s, let’s do so in a way of helping each other, reaching out with a helping hand when other’s fall, to help them up as they walk their journey, this is the vision God had when he created this Planet and all it’s Being’s within it. “Selfishness only leads to lonliness and is the wrong path to a healthy Journey”.

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