Losing a loved one/Losing a Hero

As each and everyone of us walk a Journey within life, we chose a path in which to walk and no matter which path you chose, we all deal with Loss, whether it’s a loved one, or it’s someone within our community that has been lost, that has a position in which he puts himself in danger, to help his fellow neighbor, is never easy for anybody.
These loved ones and hero’s, make us all feel heavy in the heart, we ask the question why? These things happen and are a part of all our lives, the pain goes deep within us, the tears flow, our eyes filled with water, that soak into our souls, each of us deal with it very different, some may never get over it, other’s keep their memory alive deep within their own heart, as they move forward in their lives.
We may never figure out why they get taken so soon, all we can do is move forward in their honor, with all the memories staying close to us, as we wipe the tears so we can see, all we need to do is, look towards God, to see the sign he has given us, for us to move forward in our lives and as we come to grips that our loved one/hero is not around any more.
As we walk our Journey through life, we will always come across difficult times we can’t explain, have us ask ourselves why? These times will derail us if we let them, force us to take a different path, that makes us someone we really are not and lead us on a journey to nowhere, during these times, we need to be stronger than we have ever been, have trust in other’s that can support us and look for the sign or signs, that God has put before us, so we can get through it and move forward, with strength and happiness.
The heavy hearts and all the tears, are just temporary with the loss of a loved one/hero, as we move forward with strength and happiness and share it with other’s around us, is how we all heal within a Society, so we all can walk our journey’s in life, with strength and confidence, showing our loved one/hero, you may be gone, but never foregotton.

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