Being taken advantage of/ being controlled

We in this Society have become a Society of, controling others to leap forward for our own personal gain, there is an old saying we have forgotton, ” don’t step on another man’s shoes, to mess up his shine”.
When you step on another man’s shoes and mess up his shine, you are not only causing them to reshine their shoes, but you are also hurting them deeply inside, as you move forward, without having a care at all for that person’s hurt. You are also taken advantage of their hurt, for your personal gain, which in the laws of God you have committed a sin and one day that sin will come back to haunt you, when you least expect it.
One of the biggest places in business this takes place, is when we go buy a vehicle. These people in the dealership, are nothing more than leetch’s that prey on other’s, or take advantage of, so they can sell you a vehicle, they do things to the vehicles to make them run great at purchase, then after a few months, now the car starts acting up so you have to bring the vehicle back to them, spend more money with them to fix? All the while, they keep telling you thngs that keeps you coming back. They do cosmetic things to the vehicle, to hide the real problems of the vehicle, so the vehicle looks and runs good at first, meanwhile they gain your trust, so they can swoop in and take advantage of you, at a time when you are most vulnerable, these people do this and do not even blink at the fact that they are doing it, because all they want is your money in their pocket.
We all go through life walking our journey, we may take different paths, which shows how we as Humans are so unique, when we come to cross roads in our paths, we then make choices as to which path to take, along these paths there are bumps and hurdles, that we learn to overcome, we also suffer some life events that derail us for a time, so what we do not need is for other’s to mess up our shoe shine, as through life we tend to mess up our own from time to time, God didn’t supply us with a text book through our journey, but he did send his only son to us, to show us the rightous path, he sends us signs, that is up to us to see, but in a Society of “all about me” and “take advantage of other’s for personal gain”, it is hard to see those signs.
The Society we live needs to change, but the way it is suppose to change is, we as Individuals need to change or fix ourselves, as it is all of us together that make up a Society. We need to be true to ourselves, not step on another man’s shine and accept who we are and not who we think we are, until we do this Society as we know it, will fall and never change, to become a better Society, than those previous.

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