A body in motion stays in motion, A body at rest stays at rest

                We are Humans and are all similiar, as we walk our journey of life. We are all unique in our own ways, in the way of our thoughts and our minds, we also make choices in our everyday lives and the biggest choice is which path we follow along our journey we walk in life. These paths like us are similiar and are also unique in their way, they have twists and turns, bumps and hurdles, there is no path that is perfect, it is us who determine our destiny along these paths, in our journey of life.

                While walking these paths, we walk forward with an idea of what, or where it will take us, each of these ideas are different, as this shows our uniqueness. Throughout our journey’s we keep moving forward, to find out where this path will take us, yet we have no idea of what lies before us, on this path we walk.

                Sometimes on our journey along our path of choice, we encounter some trying times, that shape us into something we are truely not, we then become stagnent, with no real direction, because this trying time has robbed us from our true selves and has hurt us more deeply than we have realized, so then our bodies take a rest, while we try to move forward with no direction. When the body takes a rest, it stays at rest, while we try to move forward, it is nothing more than a fake self we portray, with no direction, or true feeling and emotions, while at rest our faith in all around us, diminishes greatly, which is then that hate takes over us, cause we then doubt ourselves and all around us.

                        When our body moves forward on this path and is in motion, will stay in motion with faith and strength, while we stay true to ourselves and all around us, with true feelings and emotions also with this motion, we love and show empathy, with no sign of hate and no meaning of this word, while we stay in motion and keep moving forward, we never look back, as we focus on what is to become, cause what is behind us, will never cross our path again, it is done, it will never hurt us again, so now we can forgive ourselves, so we than can forgive all around us, so we can keep moving forward on our journey and the path we have chosen.


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