Temptation, a force that will control if allowed to

               When Jesus came to us and walked his journey, he was no different than us in the way temptation tried to gather him into the the power of the dark side, Saten even confronted him, to try to bring him to the other side, but Jesus stayed true to himself and the Lord God, Jesus chose the rightous path to Heaven and lead other’s on his journey, who chose to follow him on their journey.

                 Temptation is a powerful force that if we let it, temptation will control us and make us something/someone we are not. Tempation comes in many ways, we can walk into a store and be tempted to buy something we can not afford, we get tempted by fate, with this temptation comes rationalization, which is nothing more than convinceing ourselves that this temptation is okay, there is also denial, which is a strong force in it self, which forces us to lessan the impact of falling to temptation.

                   Temptation targets the week and will prey on them, til it wins by controling anything and everything, so it’s control becomes so strong, that when it’s clutches grabs you, it is very difficult to escape, Temptation is a strong force, but with a strong self esteem and strong self worth to resist it’s clutches, temptation will fall as hard as a rock slide, down the World’s tallest mountain.

                      Sometimes in life as we walk our journy’s, we suffer some life events, make a few bad choices, or even worse someone else imposes their will on us, we end up going through a wide variety of feelings and thoughts, we get lost and wander aimlessly, without a direction, tempation then preys on us, as we rationalize away our true selves through denial, at this time we don’t even think of the fact that, when we stay true to ourselves, stay strong with our self esteem and strong self worth, we to like Jesus before us, can overcome this powerful force of temptation.


        ” Temptation is just an a”tempt” to control us, when we stay true and strong to ourselves, this a”tempt” will disappear from our sights”


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