Human Perception varies

               Human perception varies within each of us, why? Because we as Humans are similiar, but yet unique in our own way, as we percieve things around us, those same things will have different meanings, as each of us share our perception of the same things.

               God created us this way, so we could share our perceptions with each other, in order to help build and create a great planet. God’s vision was for us to CoExsist with each other, showing love and empathy, what we have done with this is, gone way beyond his vision and created a world of deception, out of this perception.

                Our mind’s perception is a powerful tool, that when used in the wrong way will create a society that does nothing but bring out hatred and a “me against the world” mentality, it also turns an open society into a closed society, so when an Individual is struggling, there is no place for them to turn and reach out for a helping hand.

                Our Mind is even more powerful than we could imagine, in our own wildest dreams. The Mind has many components, like our subconscious which controls our Human behavior and how we percieve everything or everyone around us, while in a closed society full of hatred, we then percieve everything around us as a threat, which then tells our mind to turn off our empathy, to further protect us from any harm.

                  Changing our perception within our minds, will not happen over night cause it involves so much change, it takes an everyday conscious effort and alot of hard work, on each of our parts. It will also involve changing our Human behavior and when we try to change that, it takes dedication as well as hard work and drastic human behavior change various, usally takes between five and ten years. Now this is not impossible, it can be done, with great dedication and the willing to do it, having a support network around you will help greatly as well, to ease the tough times, with this support network trust is the key to all this, you can’t just percieve that support will be there, you need to know and trust in that support.

                     With each of us as Individuals together, changing our minds perception and our Human behavior, we then can change this closed society, to an open society. Take all the hatred out there that exsists and literally throwing it away, so we can replace it with empathy and love. Once we show true empathy and love, we then can move forward in our journey, showing God that we believe in him and the vision he had, when he created us, it will also help us move forward on our journey, with strength and the ability to adapt and fix anything that may come our way.


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