The Choices we make

               The Choices we make are very much a part of our every day lives, but where we go wrong is, we let our bad choices control our thoughts and mind to the point of, we lose sight of who we really are and we let them define us and our future.

                Choices whether good or bad, is a way for us to move forward on our journey of life and to live within a Society, made of other Individuals, that they to make choices and walk their journy’s. Choices should keep us motivated and excited to keep moving forward, not to stall us or lose sight of who we are, when we lose sight, all we are really doing is, wandering aimlessly with no direction down the wrong path.

                 Every step we take in life, is a choice to keep moving forward, no matter what we do we are making a choice, it could be very hard, or even as simple as, do I want tomatoes or onion on my pizza. Choices are who we are, we can’t let our choices define us, so we can stay strong and walk our journey of life, with confidence and happiness.

               Those of us who become stagnent or wandering aimlessly, have to look deep inside ourselves and “take a look back, so we can see further in the future”. In other words, look back at where we made the bad choice, so we can see further into our future, by learning from it, so it won’t happen again.

  ” The choice is there for us to make, just be responsible to make the right one”


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