The season of Lent is apon us again

               Lent is a season of giving something up and sacrificing, to show your belief in God, like his son Jesus did, when he came to us and walked his journey. To some or better yet the non-believer’s, they won’t even bat an eye as to the true meaning of lent, to the ones that truely believe, they give up something in their lives that they won’t miss.

                When you look at the Society of today and look back at the Society when Jesus walked his journey, yes they were different times in history, but together the two Society’s shared a common denominator, that denominator is the fact that, the two Society’s are broken and hatred is in the fore-front of it all. Jesus as he walked his journey tried to show us that, when there is love and true belief in the Lord God, a Society will survive with all Individuals inside it with strength and be better than all Society’s that came before it.

                 We all walk our own journey’s in life, we get side-tracked along the way, things happen and there are alot of ups and downs, with our experiences is what we bring to Society, which is how a Society is built, Jesus had the same temptations we had, but he showed us that with strength and true belief in God and ourselves, these temptations won’t control us. In this Society we live today, we have lost this love and empathy of each other, which leaves the temptation of hatred out there to control us once again.

                  In this season of Lent and in this broken Society we live today, we need to look back at Jesus’s journey, understand his message, have faith in the Lord God and in ourselves, so we can together give up any thought of this “hatred” that may come to us, so we can walk our journey’s in love, with true empathy of each other, so we together can fix this Society, to be better and stronger as we move forward with our journey, that leads to future journey’s making up the next Society.


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