The Signs of our lives

There are no books, no way of telling which path we chose, is the right path? We all walk our journey’s of life together, but yet we walk our own journey’s seperate, as we are all unique in our own way.
We all go through some trying times, like a death of a loved one, or a major tradgedy that comes across our path, maybe even a life event, that threatens to change who we really are? None the less we all go through these times and as much as we like to think, we are not alone.
When these events happen, we pray to God for help, then when he don’t answer, we then fall to disbelief cause he don’t say anything, the reality of it is, God does not say anything, what God does is sends us signs for us to see.
When we are going through these troubeling times, we tend to shut down, close our minds and only see what we want to, we suppress our true feelings and emotions, so that we won’t be hurt any further, what we don’t realize is when we shut down, these problems stay inside us and fester, til one day they explode then we hurt not only ourselves, but those around us as well.
God is always with us whether we know it or not, he may not answer our prayers with words, but he answers our prayers with signs, these signs we will not see when we are close minded and only think of ourselves, even though they are right in front of us. God did send his son here to show us how to see these signs, we just have to open our minds and our eyes, so we can see the signs he gives us, so we can fix ourselves when we are troubled, then we can in turn help those around us, so as we walk our journy’s, we can move forward, instead of backwards, or in circles and do so with strength and happiness.

” Even through Evil, God’s signs shine at their brightest”

A body in motion stays in motion, A body at rest stays at rest

                We are Humans and are all similiar, as we walk our journey of life. We are all unique in our own ways, in the way of our thoughts and our minds, we also make choices in our everyday lives and the biggest choice is which path we follow along our journey we walk in life. These paths like us are similiar and are also unique in their way, they have twists and turns, bumps and hurdles, there is no path that is perfect, it is us who determine our destiny along these paths, in our journey of life.

                While walking these paths, we walk forward with an idea of what, or where it will take us, each of these ideas are different, as this shows our uniqueness. Throughout our journey’s we keep moving forward, to find out where this path will take us, yet we have no idea of what lies before us, on this path we walk.

                Sometimes on our journey along our path of choice, we encounter some trying times, that shape us into something we are truely not, we then become stagnent, with no real direction, because this trying time has robbed us from our true selves and has hurt us more deeply than we have realized, so then our bodies take a rest, while we try to move forward with no direction. When the body takes a rest, it stays at rest, while we try to move forward, it is nothing more than a fake self we portray, with no direction, or true feeling and emotions, while at rest our faith in all around us, diminishes greatly, which is then that hate takes over us, cause we then doubt ourselves and all around us.

                        When our body moves forward on this path and is in motion, will stay in motion with faith and strength, while we stay true to ourselves and all around us, with true feelings and emotions also with this motion, we love and show empathy, with no sign of hate and no meaning of this word, while we stay in motion and keep moving forward, we never look back, as we focus on what is to become, cause what is behind us, will never cross our path again, it is done, it will never hurt us again, so now we can forgive ourselves, so we than can forgive all around us, so we can keep moving forward on our journey and the path we have chosen.


Temptation, a force that will control if allowed to

               When Jesus came to us and walked his journey, he was no different than us in the way temptation tried to gather him into the the power of the dark side, Saten even confronted him, to try to bring him to the other side, but Jesus stayed true to himself and the Lord God, Jesus chose the rightous path to Heaven and lead other’s on his journey, who chose to follow him on their journey.

                 Temptation is a powerful force that if we let it, temptation will control us and make us something/someone we are not. Tempation comes in many ways, we can walk into a store and be tempted to buy something we can not afford, we get tempted by fate, with this temptation comes rationalization, which is nothing more than convinceing ourselves that this temptation is okay, there is also denial, which is a strong force in it self, which forces us to lessan the impact of falling to temptation.

                   Temptation targets the week and will prey on them, til it wins by controling anything and everything, so it’s control becomes so strong, that when it’s clutches grabs you, it is very difficult to escape, Temptation is a strong force, but with a strong self esteem and strong self worth to resist it’s clutches, temptation will fall as hard as a rock slide, down the World’s tallest mountain.

                      Sometimes in life as we walk our journy’s, we suffer some life events, make a few bad choices, or even worse someone else imposes their will on us, we end up going through a wide variety of feelings and thoughts, we get lost and wander aimlessly, without a direction, tempation then preys on us, as we rationalize away our true selves through denial, at this time we don’t even think of the fact that, when we stay true to ourselves, stay strong with our self esteem and strong self worth, we to like Jesus before us, can overcome this powerful force of temptation.


        ” Temptation is just an a”tempt” to control us, when we stay true and strong to ourselves, this a”tempt” will disappear from our sights”


Human Perception varies

               Human perception varies within each of us, why? Because we as Humans are similiar, but yet unique in our own way, as we percieve things around us, those same things will have different meanings, as each of us share our perception of the same things.

               God created us this way, so we could share our perceptions with each other, in order to help build and create a great planet. God’s vision was for us to CoExsist with each other, showing love and empathy, what we have done with this is, gone way beyond his vision and created a world of deception, out of this perception.

                Our mind’s perception is a powerful tool, that when used in the wrong way will create a society that does nothing but bring out hatred and a “me against the world” mentality, it also turns an open society into a closed society, so when an Individual is struggling, there is no place for them to turn and reach out for a helping hand.

                Our Mind is even more powerful than we could imagine, in our own wildest dreams. The Mind has many components, like our subconscious which controls our Human behavior and how we percieve everything or everyone around us, while in a closed society full of hatred, we then percieve everything around us as a threat, which then tells our mind to turn off our empathy, to further protect us from any harm.

                  Changing our perception within our minds, will not happen over night cause it involves so much change, it takes an everyday conscious effort and alot of hard work, on each of our parts. It will also involve changing our Human behavior and when we try to change that, it takes dedication as well as hard work and drastic human behavior change various, usally takes between five and ten years. Now this is not impossible, it can be done, with great dedication and the willing to do it, having a support network around you will help greatly as well, to ease the tough times, with this support network trust is the key to all this, you can’t just percieve that support will be there, you need to know and trust in that support.

                     With each of us as Individuals together, changing our minds perception and our Human behavior, we then can change this closed society, to an open society. Take all the hatred out there that exsists and literally throwing it away, so we can replace it with empathy and love. Once we show true empathy and love, we then can move forward in our journey, showing God that we believe in him and the vision he had, when he created us, it will also help us move forward on our journey, with strength and the ability to adapt and fix anything that may come our way.


The Choices we make

               The Choices we make are very much a part of our every day lives, but where we go wrong is, we let our bad choices control our thoughts and mind to the point of, we lose sight of who we really are and we let them define us and our future.

                Choices whether good or bad, is a way for us to move forward on our journey of life and to live within a Society, made of other Individuals, that they to make choices and walk their journy’s. Choices should keep us motivated and excited to keep moving forward, not to stall us or lose sight of who we are, when we lose sight, all we are really doing is, wandering aimlessly with no direction down the wrong path.

                 Every step we take in life, is a choice to keep moving forward, no matter what we do we are making a choice, it could be very hard, or even as simple as, do I want tomatoes or onion on my pizza. Choices are who we are, we can’t let our choices define us, so we can stay strong and walk our journey of life, with confidence and happiness.

               Those of us who become stagnent or wandering aimlessly, have to look deep inside ourselves and “take a look back, so we can see further in the future”. In other words, look back at where we made the bad choice, so we can see further into our future, by learning from it, so it won’t happen again.

  ” The choice is there for us to make, just be responsible to make the right one”


The season of Lent is apon us again

               Lent is a season of giving something up and sacrificing, to show your belief in God, like his son Jesus did, when he came to us and walked his journey. To some or better yet the non-believer’s, they won’t even bat an eye as to the true meaning of lent, to the ones that truely believe, they give up something in their lives that they won’t miss.

                When you look at the Society of today and look back at the Society when Jesus walked his journey, yes they were different times in history, but together the two Society’s shared a common denominator, that denominator is the fact that, the two Society’s are broken and hatred is in the fore-front of it all. Jesus as he walked his journey tried to show us that, when there is love and true belief in the Lord God, a Society will survive with all Individuals inside it with strength and be better than all Society’s that came before it.

                 We all walk our own journey’s in life, we get side-tracked along the way, things happen and there are alot of ups and downs, with our experiences is what we bring to Society, which is how a Society is built, Jesus had the same temptations we had, but he showed us that with strength and true belief in God and ourselves, these temptations won’t control us. In this Society we live today, we have lost this love and empathy of each other, which leaves the temptation of hatred out there to control us once again.

                  In this season of Lent and in this broken Society we live today, we need to look back at Jesus’s journey, understand his message, have faith in the Lord God and in ourselves, so we can together give up any thought of this “hatred” that may come to us, so we can walk our journey’s in love, with true empathy of each other, so we together can fix this Society, to be better and stronger as we move forward with our journey, that leads to future journey’s making up the next Society.