Dealing with Life events…tradgedies…and pressure

               As we walk our Journey through life, it won’t always be easy, nor will we go through smoothly without a scrape.  Sometimes in life we deal with Life Events, some small and some drastic. We will also be part of tradgedies, which will detour us along our path. We will also go through some times where the pressure just seems so great, that we lose site and become lost within ourselves, while wandering aimlessly with no direction.

               The Human Brain, Mind and the subConcious are so complex, that even the smartest of scientists can’t truely figure it out. Humans are one of many creatures that walk this Planet and are also the smartest, most complex of them all. We are so complex that we don’t even know truely how to fix ourselves when we break down. Yes we have theories, some Doctor’s say they have the answers, but deep inside the Human Brain is so complex, we may never truely figure it out.

               When we deal with our life events, tradgedies, or pressures of life. We do so very different of each other, some quicker while other’s get stuck and left behind, plus it all depends on the severity of the situation. Just look at all our law enforcement, doctor’s, fireman, military personal, they all see alot of trama’s and tradgedies throughout their careers. One would wonder how they deal with their pressures? We all compartmentalize things in our life very differently, in other words file it away in the files of our Brains, like a secratary filing away the daily files in the office. Some may suppress things so they won’t remember anything, other’s just turn the page and keep moving like nothing ever happened, but it still gets filed into the Brain, until it gets addressed, whether we do it now, or one day it comes back to haunt us, til we do address it.

                 When things happen to us, we try to turn to other things to try to hide our situations, like drinking or drug abuse, this only compounds the situation and makes it harder to fix. The Human Brain is so complex, we don’t really know how it works, all we can try to do is understand it, so as these situations happen to us, we then can tackle them before they become so difficult ,that they overwhelm us.

                  Life to us as we walk our Journies, will always be full of these situations, we just have to learn to understand them, understand better of our bodies and how our Brain, mind, sub-concious work, so we can fix ourselves, and not let the pain and suffering control who we really are, or even make us something or someone in which we are not. God sent his only son here to show us, that temptation will try to control us and things happen beyond our control, but with true faith in him and in ourselves, we can do anything, maybe it’s time we look back, learn and move forward, with strength so our futures will be filled with happiness and love.


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