We make choices everyday in our lives

               Our lives are made up of choices we make, everyday we walk our journies.

                When we wake up in the morning, it is a choice to get out of bed, or sleep in, when we go to the store to buy a product and with all the different products out there, we make a choice on which one we will buy, when we go on a trip, we make a choice as to which route we will take, as we finish our job for the day and leave for home, we then make a choice to stop at a bar, for a drink, then depending on the day we had, we then make a choice to continue drinking, as we become intoxicated, we then make a choice to get in our car’s and drive home, whether we remember this choice, goes without saying, but none the less we make that choice, everything we do is a choice, whether bad or good, they are choices we have to live with.

          Walking our journies and living our lives, is all about the choices we make everyday, some being simple and easy, while other’s being difficult and hard, We all have to be smarter in our choices, so when we make the tough ones and find we become lost, because of the bad choices, we have to fix what is wrong before they change us as individuals, into something or someone in which we are not,   we need to understand that choices are a part of us as Humans, if we make smarter and well informed choices, without getting lost with the bad choices we make, not only will our journey we walk be smoother, but will make others around us and their journies be smoother.

           We are all Individuals, we all walk our journies of life on the same planet Earth, we are all unique in our own way, one way we are different is, the way we make our choices and handle the actions of our choices, but when we are smarter in the choices we make and realize that alot of our choices, not only affect us as Individuals, but also affect those around us and those around them, which then spreads throughout Society, Society is built out of Individuals and what they bring to it, a Society is not a Society without the Individuals within it, so together we make up a Society, kind of like a proffessional hockey team, it takes a team to win a championship, when we make smarter choices an know how to fix the bad choices before it’s too late , we as Individuals can build a winning Society, that can conquer our journies, so we all can truely be who we are, better, stronger and with happiness, as we share love of one another and not be against each other with hatred, which only makes our Society a loser in the long run, choices are a big part of who we are, they don’t have to define us and makes us something, or someone we are not.

           “Bad choices will turn us into something or someone we are not, smarter choices will keep us who we are”


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