The Olympic Zone

               The Olympics from the very first one in Grecko-Roman time, was always about the competition and the “thrill of victory, with an agony of defeat”.

                It’s the media that changed the true meaning of what the Olympics truely mean, with their political spins and their hounding of the athletes, just to get a scoop, asking them dumb questions, then putting their own spin on their words, all this does is create drama, in a Society that has way too much drama than it can handle now.

                When an Athlete competes in he Olympics, he/she is truely competing against the world, as each country has smaller competitions to put forth their best Athletes, in the hopes of bringing gold to their Country, against Athletes of other countries, the Olympics was an event, that had great respect from all the countries that sent athletes to compete and also the people of the countries that watched, while cheering on their Athletes. now with the media involvment creating controversy, bringing political views to the table, also brings corruption like judges that are bias, the Athletes can’t focus on what they do best and that is, quite simply “compete”.

                  In the old school Olympics, even the “agony of defeat” was done with a smile, cause the Athletes knew they tried their ultimite best and left everything on the field, now a days with the media being there, as soon as an event is finished, the Athletes have camera’s and mic’s shoved in their faces, I say let the Athletes compete and truely experience what the olympics are, freindly competion, that even in the face of defeat, you can smile and shake the hands of the winner, knowing you did your best and got beat fair and square, when the rest of the world and Society see this, it will only bring out the good, while leaving the bad and all the political crap in the dust, with the Professional Athlete’s competing and not the Amateur athlete? well that is for another blog.


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