it’s not the fall, it’s how to get back up

                       “In life as we walk our journies we will fall down, it is not how we fall, but how we pick ourselves up and move on along our journey”.

                       The fall can range from anything we are experiencing, sometimes it will be a trip or a hiccup, to a more severe fall that hurts us deeply, we all experience life events, sometimes these events turn us into something in which we are not, because the fall from these events have helped do this, alot of times we get up from the fall and just try to move forward and bury the shame of the event, to keep us from further harm, which proves that the way we get up, is much more important than the fall.

                      Sometimes when we fall, we get up brusch ourselves off and continue like nothing happened, this can send mixed signals to our brain, that does nothing but hide the pain and over time as we fall each time, will make us numb to all pain, so instead of getting up and checking to make sure we are truely ok, we get up and continue like nothing happened.

                      We are Humans, but we all try to hide what’s inside us, by making up what’s on the outside, we may have a little scar on the outside, but what we tend to forget is, the scar on the inside is much deeper and bigger and takes a little more than a brusch up to fix.

                       We may fall many times as we walk our journey of life, thats ok if we get up correctly and move forward with strength, if we do it correctly, then no matter what kind of bumps we encounter along our journey, then life itself will reward us with good, happiness and love.


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