The Choices along our Journey

                       As we walk our Journey in our lives, we come across and make so many choices, somtimes these choices are mild, some may be extreme that will change who we really are, yet some may even make us better and stronger, as we walk our journey.

                       Choices are a part of all our lives on a daily basis, one we take for granted is the choice to get out of bed and start a new day, some choices are not quite that simple, as when we make them they can bring great pain and suffering as well, we have all made our share of bad choices, choices in which has made us sin, in the eyes of God, we have all sinned in some way, shape, or form, in the eyes of God, one choice that we over look, cause it’s right in front of us is, the choice to pray and except God into our lives, as no matter what bad choices we have made on our journey, God always forgives us, all we need to do is forgive ourselves, except God into our lives as we walk our journey, so we can forgive others.

                        Choices are part of us being Human, there has been many choices made throughout Mankind, it is one way God gave us to make ourselves better and stronger, as we walk our journey and also a way for us to share with other’s as they to walk their journies, God gave us this gift of making choices, so we can learn from the bad ones, to make better choices moving forward, choices don’t have to define us, as they can help us be better, so our journies will be smoother, all we need to do is have faith in God and ourselves, so we can forgive ourselves, as God forgives us all.


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