The pride of our culture, will stop us from really spreading our wings

                               As we grow into Society, we are taught many different things, from many area’s and from everywhere we turn, but if we simply ignore what is around us and not learn what we truely need to learn, we than go through life just making up our own definition of everything around us, whether it is the right one or not.

                               Our pride and our ego are very powerful feelings inside each of us, these feelings can control us from within, even without us even knowing, when they take control of us, they will turn us into something in which we are not, we will ignore those around us, as we think that what we know is the right way and there’s no other way.

                                Pride and Ego will stop us from living our lives as we want, they will keep us from letting the real true self’s shine through, as we then put forth a fake self, so we then just become to exsist in the Society in which we live, when we don’t have the answer for something, our pride keeps us from obtaining the right answer, then our Ego will step in and allow ourselves to come up with an answer that really has nothing to do with the solution

                                 Pride and Ego are part of us, there is nothing we can do to have them removed from within us, but what we can do is truely learn of them and the effect that these feelings has on us, so we then can learn to control them, instead of letting them control us, when we let them control us and become something in which we are not, then one day we truely wake up and look around us, to find that there is no one around us, that is really true to us, it is like living one big lie, than having the truth give us one big slap in the face, yes it’s going to hurt, but it is a hurt we can live with, if it means we then learn to control the feelings of pride and ego, so we can move forward in happiness, which will make us stronger as we walk our journey, the rest of our lives.

                          The Human body with all of it’s components, is the most complex thing we will ever see in our lifetime, when it comes to the human brain, mind, soul and sub conscious, it gets even more complex, more so then understanding how a computer works, or what ever technology we come up with next, when each of us go through a life event, we all handle them differently, some may quickly get over it, yet other’s take a long time, before they get over it, not to mention all the physical and mental changes we all go through, yes each of us do go through changes, whether we like it or not, but when we truely understand the why’s of these changes, it will help us learn to control our pride and ego and all our other feelings we have, when God created us to walk our journies of life, he wanted us to be equal and the same, but unique in our own way, so each path we take, we can learn different things along the way, as we fill our brain and minds with knowledge, this will help us with what he has in store for us, later in our journey.          

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